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In a frozen mixing bowl add Russell’s Reserve, Calisaya, Fernet-Branca, sweet vermouth և bitter bitter. Add one or two cubes of ice և mix so briefly (without trying to freeze this one completely). Squeeze into large cubes in frosted glass.


Peat whiskey իտ citrus with only a hint of tobacco and cloves. In advance you get a very smooth whiskey և citrus aroma from Fernet with an emphasis on herbs. Vermouth helps to smooth things over, especially the Cocchi Vermouth di Torino. Immediately before the end, it is observed together with mint, citrus, herbs, leather, burnt sugar and tobacco. The finish dries with notes of cloves, cinnamon, mint and tobacco, which may seem heavy at first, but lighten up and make a different taste.

Study 4:


This one comes from the desire to use a higher proof whiskey in a cocktail, both of which emphasize the stronger taste, but do not get the direct taste of the drink. Trying to excel Russell Reserve Single Barrel, for some reason two people came to mind. Internet Branch: և: Kalisaya.

No surprises Internet:it makes everything much better by adding vegetable bitter և Mint-like accents for any drink. at the same time Kalisaya is a wonderful preventative liqueur that has long since disappeared but has recently been reborn thanks to some great people. Oregon. Cinnamon ն orange notes, I know you’m thinking Camp:but this is much sweeter (remember, it’s a liqueur after all).


What! Kalisaya It seemed like a perfect choice for both strong bourbon sweeteners and bitter orange accents (two flavors I enjoy, if you can not tell).

After playing for a while, we find ourselves with something in between my two favorite cocktails boulevard and oldstyle. Scottish peat wash (I prefer) Peat monster From Compass Box), really adds a great smoky flavor, while burnt orange peel provides a burnt citrus flavor that goes well with this drink.

The name has a meaning two meanings, one of which is that this “study“For me, to find a great drink that will show a higher quality whiskey, while the taste will still be smooth and delicious. It also, by the way, has a wonderful drink taste that can be used in research.

Study 3:

If you like it oldstyle, Boulevardor: Children:you have to spend some time with you Study:.


You can easily use another higher whiskey, but Russell’s Reserve tastes great in this one. Otherwise try. OLDSTYLE, BULVARDIERor: CHILDREN.

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