Stunning experimental images of James Webb Telescope released by NASA | CBC News:

This combination of images provided by NASA on Monday shows part of the Large Magellanic Cloud, a tiny Milky Way galaxy that saw the removed Spitzer Space Telescope and the new James Webb Space Telescope. The new telescope is being tested, and scientific observations will begin in July. (NASA / JPL-Caltech / NASA / ESA / CSA / STScI / The Associated Press)

NASA’s new space telescope is in the testing phase, and scientific observations will begin in July, astronomers said on Monday.

The James Webb Space Telescope has shown the latest experimental images of the neighboring satellite galaxy, the results of which are astonishing when compared to the images taken by NASA’s previous infrared observatory, the Spitzer Space Telescope.

Each of the 18 telescopes in the new telescope is larger than a separate section of the Spitzer.

“Until you actually see the image it gives, you’re really internalizing, ” Wow, ” says Marcia Rieke, of the University of Arizona, the Webb’s chief infrared camera scientist. “Just think about what we are going to learn.”

WATCH |: Canadian researchers are waiting for the images of the James Webb telescope.

Canadian researchers are waiting for images from the James Webb Telescope

Canadian researchers are eagerly awaiting the images of the James Webb Space Telescope, the potential for new space discoveries. 2:17:

The $ 10 billion ($ 13 billion Cdn) Webb, launched last December, is the largest and most powerful observatory ever launched into space. It will search for light emitted by the first star’s galaxies about 14 billion years ago to follow the possible signs of life.

Scientists keep secret the identity of the first official target of the Web.

Webb, 1.6 million kilometers from Earth, is the successor to the Hubble Space Telescope.

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