Tamara Leach will find out on Wednesday if she will return to prison CBC News:

Following a review of her two-day bail this week, Freedom Fighters leader Tamara Leach will find out on Wednesday whether she is returning to prison.

Leach, the organizer of the Ottawa protest, which halted the city for weeks, was seeking a change in his mortgage terms that would allow him to return to Ontario to use social media. Kingdom lawyers accuse him of violating the terms of his bail; he must return to prison.

Who is Leach? was charged with conspiracy theorist Chris BurberHe is accused of abusing, abusing, obstructing the police, advising to obstruct the police, intimidating, intimidating, closing one or more highways related to a protest, or obstructing.

He: He was released on bail on March 7.

“I did not see the damage” in the jewelry of the Freedom Column

During a review of Friday’s bail, Crown Prince Moiz Karimji showed a post on social media where Leach was wearing a pendant. The pendant shows a picture of a truck with the words “Freedom” and “Canada” on it.

Leach, testifying through Alberta’s video, said the pendant was given to him and that he did not agree with Karimji that giving permission to post it online violated the terms of the pledge, which required him to support it “orally, in writing, financially or otherwise.” “Everything that has to do with the Freedom Movement.”

Leach took this photo at the request of a supporter who sent a pendant to a truck with the word “Canada Freedom” posted on it. (Facebook)

A photo of Leach with the necklace was posted on Freedom Convoy’s page, which states that “part of the sale will be donated to Truckers Convoy.”

Leach said this did not support anything related to the Freedom Movement, in part because “there is no support column.”

“I do not see how it breaks, it is an ornament given to me,” said Leach. “I really did not see any harm in that.”

He said he took the photo because he was “grateful” that someone had sent him “such a beautiful gift”.

Leach said he assumed the person who sent the pendant asked for the photo and would post it on a personal page.

The guarantor, who was instructed to make sure that Leach recovered from the terms of his bail, whose identity was protected by publication, said they were not aware of the existence of the post or photo.

The ban on social networks is “comparable to exile.”

Lich strives to be able to return to social media. Right now he can send messages մարդկանց call people, but he is not allowed to access social media platforms.

He said he would like to keep in touch with family և friends who post messages իրեն on social media.

“We live in a world of social media now, I think a complete ban on social media is comparable to a time of exile,” Leach told the court. “Personally, I do not understand why I can not use my own social media, access it, stay in touch, in fact it is about that, staying in touch.”

During an investigation by lawyer Lawrence Greenspon on Thursday, Leach testified that he also wanted to change the terms of his bail to allow him to visit Ottawa. The reasons are subject to a court ban by publication և can not be disclosed.

He testified that he would like to attend the Freedom Award event in Toronto in June, “but I will not violate the terms of my bail to do so.”

Leach receives an award from the Center for Constitutional Liberties for his work in organizing the Freedom Rally protest, which had taken to the streets of central Ottawa for weeks earlier this year. (jccf.ca)

Award for the leading column

On March 28, the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms charity sent a letter to Leach informing him that he had been nominated for the 2022 George Jonas Freedom Prize, he told the court.

The letter, which he read aloud, said the honor was given “as a sign of your leadership role in the Freedom Movement.”

It: Announcement of the award ceremony on the center’s website He notes that Leach “took the initiative to help organize a peaceful protest” and to serve as one of its leaders. “The peaceful protest in Ottawa has awakened many Canadians to the injustices of Canada’s blockade and mandatory vaccination policies.”

The next day after receiving the letter, Leach sent it back, saying that it was “an honor” to accept it. He did not ask if it would be good, he testified during a cross-examination by Karimji.

Asked if, by receiving the award, he was supporting something related to the lineup, Leach said: “I think so.

“I do not think this is a violation. I do not feel that recognition is why … I feel that recognition is to inspire Canadians to hold the government accountable to the rule of law. to protect the rights of their Charter, “he continued.

“I think it is connected because of what happened,” he added.

Leach appears before a judge’s hearing on his bail on February 19, 2022. (Lauren Foster-MacLeod / CBC)

Leach was arrested in February

Leach was arrested on February 17 and initially charged with conspiracy to commit atrocities before launching a massive police operation to clear the streets of Ottawa protesters.

He: was initially refused bail Ontario District Court Judge Julie Bourgeois, who told the court he found Leach sometimes under surveillance, was “almost disruptive”, who was unsure if Leach would go home, stay at home, and stop his alleged counseling.

Leach and his then-lawyer Diane Magas appealed the bourgeois decision. leading to a review of his first bail in the beginning of March in the superior court.

Supreme Court Justice John Johnston has ruled in favor of Leach after one day of proceedingsShe said she was a “valued employee” in Alberta, lived a “crime-free” life, and that the risk in Ottawa was minimized after police cleared the streets.

Leach was released after spending about 18 days in an Ottawa-Carlton prison. Other terms of the bail included leaving Ottawa within 24 hours, abstaining from social networks that had nothing to do with some of the co-organizers.

His guarantor, who could not be identified by a court order, issued a $ 20,000 cash bond and Leach himself an additional $ 5,000 cash bond.

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