Tampa Bay’s businesses are affected by high gas prices

TAMPA, Florida (CW44 News At 10) – Tampa Bay has seen its highest gas prices in five weeks, averaging about $ 4.20, according to the AAA.

In the face of rising gas prices, local businesses now have to make some adjustments.

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Angie Landis owns Angie’s Mobile Pet Styling և says:

The hit, hinted at by Landis, is the increase in gas prices.

“The price of gas went up by a few thousand dollars a month, but I raised $ 5 on travel expenses. Not much, but I needed it a little bit, ”Landis said.

According to the AAA, the price of gas has reached a record high of about $ 4.20 in the last five weeks.

“The price is going up, but I’m just trying to get over this time,” Landis said.

He has eleven different care vans.

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“They go through at least half a tank a day, the generator is running all the time, so it sucks in gas all the time, even when they’re not running,” Landis said.

Montanna York-Hennessy is one of the business leaders, says: “The last time I remember, it’s been about three quarters, it’s about $ 90.”

He says filling the tank costs up to $ 100.

“I feel like I’m driving for two good hours a day,” said York-Hennessey.

AAA spokesman Mark Jenkins says there will be no reduction in gas prices in the Tampa Bay area in the next few months.

“There is a good chance that those prices could go up by the end of the day or even by the end of the week,” Jenkins said.

But Landis and York-Hennessy both hope prices will fall soon.

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“Eventually it will be better, I just feel it will be,” Landis said.

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