Tape tale. NFL Championship Weekend

After the Wild Division round is the NFL Conference Season. I haven’t had time to write for a long time, but after finishing all my college applications, I’m back and ready to go. Let’s take a look at the previous matches between these teams, the keys to the games, my predictions of who will play in the Super Bowl.

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AFC Championship. Cincinnati Bengals @ Kansas City Chiefs:

Time: 13:30, 15:00

Ribbon fairy tale. The Bengals beat Chiffs 34-31 in Week 17. It was a landslide victory for Cincinnati as they defeated the AFC North. There is one simple reason they won this game. Joe Burrow-Ja’Marr Chase. Barrow has established himself as a young stud in the last half of this season. He passed 446 yards (from 30/39 end to rehearsal) և four touches. 266 of those shots, 11 of those finishes; three of those snipers were Ja Mar Chase. This is an incredible statistic, especially considering that Chase is just new. In fact, Chase’s entire first campaign was phenomenal, he could win the Offensive Newcomer of the Year award. The Burroughs: Chase duo defeated the Bengalis in the previous match against Chiffs.

So executives have to do everything they can to shut down Ja’Marr Chase. They did a good job last Sunday, closing in on Bills’s best receiver Stephen Diggs. Diggs had only seven yards a night. The problem is that the recipient of the bill, Gabriel DGis, went to 201 yards that night. Another Bengals receiver, such as Tee Higgins, could have an incredible game if executives focus all their attention on Chase. This is just a risk you should be prepared to take if you are a manager or because Chase is too special to ignore. The Bengals are going to have a great night offensively, but I expect the management to limit the production of the Ja’Marr Chase.

Returning to their previous match, the leaders played a respectable game on the attack. Patrick Mahomes went 259 yards (from 26/35 to the finish) with two touchdowns. He spread the ball as he targeted 11 different receivers. They also ran the ball well, scoring 155 yards from 23 attempts. It was a balanced attack for Kansas City, but not enough to bring down the Bengalis. My solution to this problem would be to give more ball to Tirik Hill և Trice Kelsey. These are the top two star playmakers, so they have to ride or die with them. The Bengalis have a strong defense, but they should not have enough to be able to keep Hill and Kelche a whole game.

Despite the previous game, I expect the leaders to win in a shootout. They’ve been here before, և their offense is hot after last week ‘s return victory.

Prediction. The bosses win 38-31

Tracy Kelsey ելը Laying on the same side of the field on Tayrik Hill is a complete nightmare for defense - The Athletic
Photo by The Athletic

NFC Championship. San Francisco 49ers @ Los Angeles Rams:

Time: 1/30, 18:30

Ribbon fairy tale. This NFC West match has a long history. It has been more than three years since the Aries won the 49th. The Niners have since lost 6-0 to Ramsey. Step Shanahan’s teams outperformed Sean McVeigh’s teams. This season, the Finns beat Ramsey 31-10 in a mid-season game. SF controlled the game from start to finish on both sides of the ball. The defense fired Matthew Stafford twice, and one of those options was taken back by Jimmy Ward. Overall receiver Dibo Samuel provided most of the offense as he made 10 touches for a total of 133 yards և two touches. Overall, it was a dominant victory for San Francisco.

Their next competition, however, was much closer. “Niners” made a phenomenal return in extra time, winning 27-24. Jimmy Garoppolo proved that he can win great moments in this game. Dibo Samuel և had a great game with a total of 140 yards with 12 touches. The Aries, however, played better, but they could not run the ball. Sony Michel և Cam Akers together took over 46 high-speed yards on 26 vehicles. Thus, their offense was given in one measure, which led to a loss.

This issue of Los Angeles has not been resolved yet. They are now back at Cam Akers, but he looked completely rotten against the Buccaneers last weekend. Sean McVeigh gave him a whopping 24 carriages, and Akers made only 48 yards, losing two collisions. On the plus side, the Rams transition game looks good as the recipients are Cooper Cup և Odell Beckham Jr. are studs. However, it is difficult to turn it into a super cup with such an outdated game.

So I’m taking the 49th in this game. The nins obviously have the number of rams. Cooper Coop should be kept in check, but outside of that, the Finns need not worry about defense. In addition, the collapse of rams during the separation phase is worrying. At the same time, the Nins are driving high after the victory over the Packers. The Aries will fight, but the fiery San Francisco 49s will have to get one more blow in the Super Bowl.

Prediction. 49 wins 24-20

San Francisco 49 yrs.  where the PFF ranks George Caitlin և Dibo Samuel among their NFL standings - Niners Nation
Image from Niners Nation

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