Tea-inspired cocktails are a big hit in spring / summer 2022 – A beautiful drink

The world tea market is expected to reach almost $ 68 million 2021-2028, when the world wakes up to its many rewards. High levels of antioxidants in tea have a wide range of health benefits that make people sit and pay attention, including a lower risk of heart attack, cancer protection, and possible help to lose unwanted weight. Many teas also contain huge amounts of vitamins, such as B6, B12, C և E, as well as a number of minerals. Green tea, in particular, is rich in natural antioxidants, catechins, which fight cell damage and prevent aging. After all, tea is a great source of caffeine, which can keep drinkers more alert, improve their response time, and improve their memory. All these factors make tea popular not only among the hot drink crowd, but also among the people Lovers of refreshing cocktails.

It’s not all about tea

Today’s tea lovers are among the international varieties that eliminate the experience of drinking tea out of a hot cup in the morning or afternoon. Instead of just tasting the traditional local varieties, they can join a tea club discover interesting mixes from countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal, Kenya և not only. These teas differ in taste, intensity and color, which creates a number of interesting combinations used by talented cocktail makers. Nowadays, it all comes down to learning to sensitize your own palette to the subtle differences between different owners, to distinguish one variety from another. So in The world of green teaVarieties such as Banton from Indonesia add floral aroma, sweet vanilla, cream notes to classic cocktails such as martinis, pearls, vodka sprats.

A selection of tea eggs to choose from

Cocktail makers can choose from a variety of green tea brews to make their own creations, including tea powders such as matcha, brewed tea and tea syrup. To make a refreshing fruit cocktail gin աս passion fruit cocktailSome ingredients are more refreshing or intense than homemade green tea syrup. To make it, simply pour two bags of green tea into a cup of boiling water and discard the bags. Then add the sugar slowly, stirring on the fire, until it dissolves, leaving it to dissolve. Close և Keep your syrup in the refrigerator for up to a month.

Popular tea based cocktails

If you are planning to visit a trendy hotel this spring / summer or just enjoy the sophisticated bars in your area, you can try just a few tea cocktails that are great to see. Ask for iced green tea mojito (contains rum’s green tea), southern peach iced tea (made with peach tea, lemonade և vodka) or Earl Gray gin cocktail (made from four tablespoons of loose terry tea). Earl Gray tea (500 ml in your favorite gin for about four hours). It is better to ask the bartender if they have any special tea infusions or cocktail recipes that they recommend.

Tea is rapidly gaining popularity as an everyday beverage, but it is also an important ingredient in exciting new cocktail recipes. From margaritas to mojitos, jeans to iced tea cocktails, so many cocktails now incorporate the earthy goodness of international teas. This spring / summer, order at least one cocktail made with your favorite tea, green, white, oolong, puer or purple tea, or choose a drink made with herbal infusions.

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