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TechCrunch Podcast:

Episode 2. Do not call them UFOs և Other news from TechCrunch

Welcome to the first episode of TheTechCrunch Podcast, where you will hear everything you need to know about the best tech week stories from the people who wrote them. This week, our host, Editor-in-Chief Darrell Etherington, talks to Taylor Hatmaker about a congressional hearing about UFOs, in which Pentagon experts say UFOs are definitely real, that visibility reports are much higher. And Kirsten Korosek joins us to speak at TC Sessions. Mobility about all the news. Plus TechCrunch Weekly Highlights

Articles from the episode.

Other news of the week.

Chain reaction

Episode 7. Lux crypto VC on startups that support 3 scale web3 (with Grace Isford)

Welcome back, this week Lucas և Anita plunges into the latest mega-fund of venture giant Andresen Horowitz և some… exciting bets they make, including one in WeWork founder Adam Neumann’s crypto startup. Finally, they sum up FTX cryptocurrency’s big entry into the stock market, which comes just a week after the company’s young CEO made a huge bet on Robinhood.

In an interview this week, Lucas and Anita talk to Grace Isford. Isford is an investor in Lux Capital, where he focuses on the security and infrastructure capabilities of blockchain startups. We are talking about the latest big hackers արդյոք whether consumers can feel safe betting on crypto.

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Episode 59. Anniversary bonus. Founding round table

Happy one year stay. To celebrate our anniversary, we returned to the four founders whose stories really stayed with us when we spoke to them. What Jordan called the “founding smoothie” we talked about in Brie Code TRU LUV: who was in our second episode, Earl Cole SMART Tire Company: who was in the next episode, like him from Aditi Shekar Zetaand from Jelani Memory About A Kids Company who joined us a few months later. They talk about the promising shifts they have experienced over the past year, their different approaches to fundraising, and how they remain committed to their respective core missions.

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Episode 521: Ping-pong match between bulls and bears

Welcome! Equity:about the podcast startup business, where we open the numbers and subtleties with titles.

Fortunately, we were in full force once this week Alex Wilhelm, Natasha Mascarenhas և: Mary Ann Azevedo chat, և: Grace unloading production.

From today’s list of topics we can see that we are in a strange time. There are many signs that the startup market is slowing down. And there is some anti-historical data that gives a more complex picture. Where do you stand in your own view? Well, read on for some details.

  • Natasha has given us a brief update on All Raise’s annual VC Summit, but she will be presenting more during next Wednesday’s show (stay tuned).
  • Monte Carlo just raised a unicornAt a cost of 135 million dollars, estimated at 1.6 billion dollars. Bolt, on the other hand, is firing into the market for larger startups, probably in the context of fixing his own space.
  • If the news of startups is directed in two directions, then the data of the world of venture capital are the same. While it is Sequoia warn the founders about the fallthe a16z has just been upgraded royal ransom to fill the web3 market. Analyze it as you wish.
  • There was other news to consider as we worked to understand where the startup world really is today, including news Zip: և: Nowports: – two newly created unicorns recently profiled by Mary Ann.
  • And we closed, what else, drama in fintech. As Stripe և Plaid prepares for battle, Finix is ​​either in a fight or going to jump, depending on your point of view. It is clear that more and more matching fintech giants are going to clash with each other. You can read more about it here Exchange:on Sunday.

Hugs from us, We’ll talk to you next week.

Episode 520: We think the founders need a “Heart of the Heart” about the market.

This is our Wednesday show where we go down on one topic, think about one question, open the rest. This week, Natasha asked: How do early stage thinkers feel about this decline? Unique Alex: joined him for an interview Joshua OgunduFounder and CEO From heart to heart on this current topic.

The question arises after Natasha’s last Startups Weekly column: “Everyone is preparing their own Black Swan memorandum.” The column looked at a number of memoranda sent to venture capital companies by portfolio companies about the market downturn. Some were reassuring, some simple, and others just as simple as checking the vibe. Can you provide us with your ARR և cash in writing? Nice, please.

To turn the story around, as we do here at Equity, we bring in the founder’s point of view, to actually check out these memoirs, to tell us what it really’s like to be a founder. Ogundu told us what he meant by, the importance of honesty, and what to do before thinking about getting fired. It is not often that we have guests during the show, so when we do, you know it will be good.

Episode 519: Will the decline in technology ratings start in the M&A boom?

Hello գալուստ welcome Equity:about the podcast startup business, where we open the numbers and subtleties with titles.

It’s Monday, which means Alex: և: Grace returned as a team to cover the biggest, boldest, worst tech news. We’re back for your weekly start. This is what we got into.

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