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However, the most beautiful part of my 30s friendship is the realization that knowing myself so well tends to bring to the fore the companies I really need. Friendships with people who feel easy, have fun, feel empowered, feel like they make my life a better place to be. Who I am I still feel that I am a better judge of the areas where I am. I choose to be there with the people I choose to spend time with. Of course, no relationship is perfect, friendly or otherwise, but I have come to realize that the friends I have made and maintained in my 30s are really the ones who fill my cup.

It’s not necessary to take the same steps during our travels (some of my best friends take very different paths to my և opposite), but I have come to realize that it is about taking care of the same things.

When I think for a second about the friends for whom I am most grateful at the age of 32, they are all companies based on the same elements.

  • – We celebrate each other
  • – Support each other
  • – Discovering each other
  • – Appreciating each other

Just enjoy the friends we have welcomed into our lives, whether they are new, old or somewhere.

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