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Gin’s latest boom in beverages has introduced a huge number of unfamiliar bottles. Some of the gin of this new wave draws a lot of attention to the origins of terroir ընդգծ, emphasizing the spirit’s unique ability to display local botanical material in a specific region. Others seek to emulate the advanced profiles of the traditional London dry juniper. the others are still there hot pink.

While these offers have provided fresh flavors for bartenders to experiment with, they have flooded store shelves, making it difficult to analyze one bottle from another. According to Dawn Davies, the main buyer of Whiskey Exchange online retailers, it only pushed consumers to the classics. “In times of uncertainty, we like to go back to dating, and in the case of gin, that means London-style dry gin with some nuances,” he says. “Over the past six months, our best-selling gin, both online and on sale, has been modern classics such as Sipsmith, The Botanist, Hendrick’s, and more.”

The attractiveness of these bestsellers, without a doubt, is their versatility. The botanical ingredients of gin in the cocktail should be balanced և not predominant. For many bartenders, this means sticking to phrases that include basic botanicals such as juniper, coriander, angelica root, and citrus peel. “When it comes to choosing a gin-like alcoholic beverage, we usually go for a type that does not have a taste profile that dominates other flavors,” said Guillaume Quenza, co-owner of r Fréquence Paris bartender. “We want the gin to have a beautiful texture, a balanced taste և long finish, և [be] at least 80 proofs or higher to resist other flavors combined with it. ”

At the Scarfes Bar in London, Ian Buvinis, the chief bartender, often starts with the drink’s vision’s overall taste profile and then works backwards to find a gin that has extra botanicals. “The beauty of gin is that it can be so varied that it is perfect for creating cocktails of different styles,” she says.

With this wide range of gin on the market, there is no doubt that there is gin for every cocktail occasion, and some are more suitable than others. To cut through the fat, we surveyed 13 bartenders from around the world, asking them to mix the gin they offered into cocktails. Here is what they had to say.

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