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Unsurprisingly, Apple announced this week that it had discontinued the iPod touch after almost 15 years and seven generations, ending the entire iPod touch line.

In other news this week, there has been talk of both the iPhone 14 Pro (slightly larger screens!) And the iPhone 15 (Lightning instead of USB-C?) As he announces that Apple is planning to release AirPods Max in new colors this later. years, so read these stories և for more details.

Apple has stopped production of the iPod Touch

Apple this week announced that it was discontinuing iPod touch, which remains available until resources are depleted. The device is already marked as “sold” In the Apple Online Store in the United States, և Inventory is rapidly consuming in other countries և Third-party resellers.

Apple discontinues iPod Touch

First introduced in October 2001, the iPod was one of Apple’s most popular products, but its discontinuation became inevitable over time, given the wide range of Apple products that can play music, including iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. , HomePod mini և etc. .

End of the era. What was your favorite iPod?

Since the last iPod is now discontinued, it’s the end of the era. IPod models released over the years included the original iPod (later known as the iPod classic), iPod mini, iPod photo, iPod nano, iPod shuffle և iPod touch.

RIP iPod feature

What was your favorite iPod model? Let us know MacRumors: forums: : Be sure to share any photos in your iPod collection.

It is rumored that the iPhone 14 Pro models will have a slightly larger screen size

Apple’s upcoming iPhone 14 Pro և iPhone 14 Pro Max models will have slightly larger screen sizes Compared to the iPhone 13 Pro և iPhone 13 Pro Max, according to display consultant Ross Young.

iPhone 14 Purple feature

Young said that the differences in screen size are due to the slightly narrower bezels around the iPhone 14 Pro models compared to the iPhone 13 Pro models և new pill-hole design that replaces the notch.

It is rumored that the iPhone 15 will switch from Lightning to USB-C

Apple plans to release at least one new one iPhone 15 model with USB-C port instead of Lightning connectoraccording to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. BloombergMark Gourman agrees that USB-C iPhones are in the testing phase Apple is also planning an adapter that will allow them to work with current Lightning-based accessories.

iPhone 15 to switch from Lightning to USB C in 2023

If this rumor is true, we will still have to wait a while for the first USB-C iPhone. Kuo expects the Lightning connector to remain for the iPhone 14 series, which will be released later this year, and the USB-C switch is expected with the iPhone 15 in 2023. Gourmet similarly says that the conversion will not take place until 2023 at the latest.

The new AirPods Max Colors are reportedly working

Apple plans has released its high-quality AirPods Max headphones in new colors in the future, by: BloombergMark Gourman.

AirPods Max 2022 colors

Released in December 2020, the AirPods Max is currently available in five colors, including Space Gray, Silver, Sky Blue, Green, and Pink. It is unclear what new colors will be introduced.

Gourmet said that Apple also plans to release second generation AirPods Pro In autumn.

Five things you can not do with your MacBook Pro yet

In October 2021, Apple released the redesigned 14 և 16-inch MacBook Pro with M1 Pro և M1 Max chips, a wide range of ports, and more.

14 16 inches 2021 Mbps back-feature: orange

We have compiled a list of new models that people enjoy Five Things You Can Still Do With a MacBook ProFor example, use SD cards with faster UHS-III speeds. Check out the full list to see what features and capabilities are still missing!

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