The Bittersweet Sour:

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Add all the ingredients to the shakes. Add ice և: shake actively until the outside of the shaker starts to freeze. Squeeze twice into a frozen cocktail glass. Drink and have fun.


Delicate spices, herbs և citrus on the nose. Light on the tongue with bitter citrus, herbs, mint, allspice, anise with sour bitter finish.

The Bittersweet Sour:


Looks like we just finished Mixology Monday, but we’re here again. I have to grow old because these months seem to fly. Old age aside, this one is hosted Ginhound: և hits the category of very popular drinks.Acids»: Here is the bucket.

“Some of the most iconic cocktails are Sours. from: The six main cocktails of David Embury both are sour: Daiquiri և Sidecar. There is a reason for that. Perfectly balanced acid is a work of art. What happened to Margarita shows what is at stake when the mix replaces the bartender’s skill.

For this month’s MxMo, I suggest we test the acids to the limit. Are there citrus fruits other than lemon, lime and grapefruit that work in pickles? Is citrus the only possible acidifying ingredient? Is it possible to use vinegar or other sour fruits or vegetables? “Let’s include Daisies իզ Fitzgeralds, which expand the pitch with eggs հետ with everything that makes you foam to play.”

To be more mixed Boy, I’m not going to drink acids. It is said that I enjoy them from time to time. I wanted to try to make pickles that would be a little higher on my alley. Because it is Valentine’s daywhy not redouble և a little red դարձ to make something ‘romantic’.

The Bittersweet Sour 2:

I started with projects Last word, one of my favorite acids. It basically consists of four components: gin, lime, green chartrus and marashino. As a fan Fernetaboutit:with the last word FernetI understood why not try something with these lines with another amaro. Camp:, plus, I get the red color I’m looking for. Because Campari is a bitter orange, orange juice seems to be a perfect substitute for lime. I kept the chart, but I exchanged the gin with the rye’s and added it Pink Coke և Do not touch Fernet. The end result is sour, which is light in front, but ends bitterly, not so sweet.

This one, of course, will make a happy couple happy, a bitter loner at the same time.

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