The children of Jessica Alba. Meet her 3 wonderful little ones

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Jessica AlbaThe 41-year-old actress is a prolific actress who has dozens of high reputations under her name. He is best known for his roles Fantastic four, Good luck Chuck!, Valentine’s Day, Little Fockers, The eyeև: Meet Bill, among others. He was successful in the early days with such roles Camp Nowhere: և: Alex Mack’s Secret World He came at the age of 13. These days, the former baby star is busy raising her small group of the Hollywood royal family, and now she is the mother. Honor:13 և: Haven10 և: Hayes4, all with its producer husband Cash Warren:whom she married in 2008. Here’s everything you need to know about Jessica’s three children.


Jessica Alba և Children
Jessica Alba երկու her two daughters, Honor և Haven. (Broadimage / Shutterstock)

Honor Marie Warren was born on June 7, 2008, the couple’s first child, who became famous on the set. Fantastic four. Jessica is undoubtedly proud of Honor, regularly posting about her accomplishments at school and other accomplishments. In 2021, she wished her eldest daughter on Instagram Happy 13th anniversarynoting that Honor is already taller than him, that he is growing very fast.

“My teenager !!!! This is 13. ” He captioned Honor’s beautiful photo with a pair of jeans and a jacket. “Yes, you are much taller than me, which you like to remind me of every day. You have a golden heart, you are full of compassion, you are evil, smart, stupid, funny և so kind… I’m just so proud of you… I’m sorry that when I look at you for a long time, I explode. in tears. they are happy tears because the love is so deep, so deep, so sad that I can not stop. ”


Haven Garner Warren was born in 2011 to Jessica և Cash. On August 13, it was obvious from the beginning that he was a middle-aged child, always looking for attention. «Մ:“The baby is wild with its transitions,” Jessica wrote on September 12, 2020, a cute dance video of mother and daughter next to a lion emoji. Jessica released a video of her such a second daughter cheat on the second kids in the kitchen with a viral TikTok recording.

“Let me tell you about a second-born child,” says a cheerful voice as Haven dances around the kitchen in an apron stealing from a camera in an April post. “They are not with bulls ***. Look at your children. Do not say anything about that second one. ”


The longtime couple had their son, Hayes Alba Warren, on December 31, 2019, which was New Year’s Eve. An honest company servant says that a 4-year-old child is “definitely more beautiful than my daughters” while giving an interview Jimmy Fallon on: The Tonight Show:. “She is the most beautiful of the three.”

Hayes has his own liberal attitude, as Jessica shared her feelings about her haircut in January via Instagram. “Lil gave the man news [haircut]”, He wrote with the hairdresser’s emojis, a pair of scissors, next to the video, where Hayes is sitting in a chair, waiting for a haircut. “She does not want to brush or blow-dry her hair, so I took matters into my own hands.”

Hayes also starts to rest prematurely. They saw the preschool child golf rides with his whole family.

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