The cocktail of the devil

El Diablo cocktail is a must-have tequila drink. It’s a sweet and spicy cake, starring currant liqueur, lime and ginger beer.

the cocktail of the devil

Here is a high ball that immediately reached the top of our beloved tequila drinksby: the cocktail of the devil! This one flies under the radar, but take a sip and you will become a convert. Bold berries, spicy lime և spicy ginger complement the tequila bite with an indescribable egg. You just have to taste it. Because it is highball drinkIt’s as easy as pouring the ingredients into a glass filled with ice.

What’s in the El Diablo cocktail?

El Diablo cocktail is a high drink made of tequila, Cassis (currant liqueur), lime juice և ginger beer. The drink was invented by trader Vic in the 1940s, a restaurant owner who was considered the grandfather of Tiki drinks (he discovered: My Thai and others). The first mention of El Diablo was in his 1946 book, Trader Vic’s Book of Food and Drink, in which he claimed it was his original recipe.

The first recipe for this drink was a ball, which was built into the glass, but modern versions show shaking or squeezing. Our version goes back to the original (because why dirt cocktail shakes?). Here’s what you need for El Diablo:

  • relaxed tequila
  • Cassis
  • Lime juice
  • Ginger beer

Drinking ginger beer may remind you of another popular high ball cocktail Moscow mule! El Diablo looks like this: Mexican mulebut adds creme de cassis

De Kuyper is a cheap brand of crème de cassis that is widely available

What is Crème de Cassis?

Is it worth taking a bottle? Cassis for this recipe? We say yes. Or, of course, this is an ideal cocktail that can be made after you have bought a bottle Kir Royal. Here is more about this liqueur.

  • Cassis It is a dark sweet liqueur made from raisins. Made in Burgundy, France, it first became available in 1841.
  • How much does crème de cassis cost? It is a cheap liqueur. You can find a 750 ml bottle for $ 10. We like the Drillaud brand.
  • Which cocktails use creme de cassis? It is the most used Kir Royal where it is combined with champagne. Try it as a Cassis Spritz: (Replace it with Aperol an Aperol Spritz:), or replace it Chambord in: French martini.

Do you want a cream de Cassis substitute? You can use: Chambord (raspberry liqueur) or blackberry cream (blackberry liqueur).

the cocktail of the devil

Tips for El Diablo cocktail

El Diablo cocktail is fast and easy. : You can cook it right in the serving cup. Here are some tips to make this quick drink.

  • Build it right in the glass. Many modern recipes suggest shaking or squeezing this drink. But why spend extra effort? Make it as a traditional high ball cocktail right in the cup (as shown by Trader Vic’s original 1946 recipe).
  • Use repozado tequila. The vanilla-oak notes of aged tequila reposado convey the right elegance of taste. Use cheap և middle class repozado here (keep premium items for sipping). If you only have tequila blanco, it works too.

More tequila cocktails

Of course, we all love big Classic Margarita. But there are many other wonderful tequila cocktails to try. Here are some tequila drinks that you can put on your radar.


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El Diablo cocktail is a must-have tequila drink. It’s a sweet and spicy cake, starring currant liqueur, lime and ginger beer.

  1. Add tequila, cream de cassis և lime juice to a tall ball filled with ice.
  2. Fill the ginger beer խառն mix gently. Serve immediately.


* To turn a tablespoon into 1 ounce = 2 tablespoons

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