The COVID-19 booster should be considered part of a complete vaccination by medical experts

The growing incidence of Covid, which is being fed by more and more transmissible variants, is drawing attention to the potential for booster injections to prevent serious illness or death.

Medical experts told the Daily News on Wednesday.

“When we talk about vaccines now, it’s different from the beginning of the epidemic,” Dr. Adam Ratner, director of pediatric infectious diseases at NYU Langone Health, told the Daily News. “Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves. This should not be considered an optional dose. “It’s part of your basic protection against the vaccines you need.”

He and Dr. Bruce Farber, Northwell Health’s chief epidemiologist and infectious disease specialist, agreed that three vaccines are needed to be fully vaccinated, and that vaccination is still the most effective tool for mitigating COVID. for. .

“The most important thing anyone can do to reduce their risk of developing COVID-19, or if they get COVID-19, reduce the severity of the disease, reduce the risk of death, is vaccination,” Ratner said. “I feel that people are confused because when the vaccines first appeared, the idea was that there were two-dose series. The terminology is a bit painful. “

COVID-19 was called an “unvaccinated epidemic” earlier this year, but a recent CNN analysis based on the numbers of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed that the gap was narrowing. Experts say the difference is largely due to the lack of amplifiers against the background of more transmissible versions.

Since the Delta surge erupted last September, less than 25% of COVID-19 deaths have been in vaccinated people. CNN: reports. But as the omicron increased in January-February, more than 40% of deaths were from vaccinated people.

“I think you are much, much more likely to get a serious illness if you are not vaccinated,” Ratner said. “And even in the vaccinated group, you are more likely to have a serious illness if you do not stimulate it.”

“People who have been vaccinated, who have been vaccinated, who are mild, who are ill, sometimes who feel quite rough,” Farber said. “They rarely get to the hospital, they almost never die.”

The second stimulant, the fourth injection, is recommended for people over the age of 50 with immune problems, Farber said, for people over the age of 75.

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Shocking news

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“Young healthy people really do not need a second stimulus, as they do the first stimulant,” Farber said. “Anyone over the age of 75 should definitely get it. “I would turn the hand of someone who has concomitant diseases.”

Breakthrough infections occur because the original vaccine was developed for the initial strain of the coronavirus.

“It used to be great,” Farber said of the two-dose vaccine protection. “But what has changed is the virus. The virus you are vaccinated against no longer exists! Old COVID is not around. It is gone. “

He explained that the amplifier favors the human immune system because of the amount of antibodies produced by that third shot. For younger, healthier people, say, 52, without concomitant illnesses (such as diabetes, cancer or obesity), the second stimulant does not provide as much protection as the first three injections, Farber said.

“The second stimulus is almost impossible, quite frankly, because we know that while it is useful to significantly reduce the rate of infection in three to four months, it does not last long,” Farber said.

The rate of infection is rising, the demographics of those infections are changing, Farber said, and younger people, usually parents with school-age children, are being infected. And: another channel The White House warned earlier this week that it could come later this year.

“I think the important thing for people to know is that the epidemic is not over, COVID is not over, that the rates are rising right now, we need to be flexible,” Ratner told The News. “We need to understand that when interest rates rise, it’s time to put on masks again,: it’s time to do everything possible to reduce the spread, և to make sure you և do not get sick, your loved ones.”

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