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I’m a big fan of champagne. I admit that these are not the most horrible statements, but I still stand by them. Oh, and cut baby things. sparkling wine from California և is also great elsewhere. Although technically wine has to come from the Champagne region for people to consider it “officially” champagne, let’s not let the details distract us from the good story. If it’s quality, tasty and sparkling, I’m a fan. Now, if that’s good for a solo,’s good for a cocktail’s. Let’s do it, right? To the Death of a Champagne Cocktail.

My dad, who is not a heavy drinker himself, will occasionally enjoy a nice OJ and Pernod. Growing up, I could only smell it և I knew I did not want to try it.

At least until I’m a little older.

Then, when I finally tried it out of shock, I was not a fan. I չենք’s puppies are not best friends.

However, after the rebirth of a slightly larger, slightly wiser absinthe, I can now see what my dad was doing with his favorite cocktail. This is not a bad little combination.

pour absinthe

It made me think that OJ + absinthe is good, OJ + champagne is good, so OJ + champagne + absinthe should be good.

It turns out not so much.

Alice and I drank fresh OJ, but we were never able to measure the proportions correctly. Absinthe always prevailed, killing all other flavors.

It made me think that if the classic champagne cocktail (it’s going to be sugar cubes, bitter և champagne) worked (PS, it does), what if we adjusted to use bitter orange instead of the usual? What I knew could give us a strong orange flavor that would withstand absinthe.

I knew that since Hemingway’s classic “Death by Afternoon” (absentee champagne) was working, we needed to be able to combine these two functional cocktails to finally succeed.

Finally, he nailed it.

For Sofia Champagne

Now, if you’re like Alice,’s like me, sit back and enjoy the Death of the Champagne cocktail (now you can see where the name comes from: Death in the Afternoon + Champagne cocktail).

However, what should you do if you are not sure what balloons to add to this? Do you know what to do? Get it for yourself Bubblyfest:!

It is made in Avila (full discovery, I learned at Cal Poly, և Avila is amazing), they have over 50 (!) Sparkling manufacturers,: you can try a whole bunch of delicious, sparkling, delicious drinks. If you think, “Shall I go?” The answer is simple, yes.

That is, if you do not like champagne, sparkling wine or, you know, do not taste good. Then, of course, you do. the rest? We will go to Avila Bubblyfest: (First stopping by Splash, nothing prepares you for a few drinks, like an epic clam dog).

And now, about the death of a champagne cocktail.

The death of a champagne cocktail


Recipe type: Drinks:

Preparation time.

Cooking time.

Total time:

Serves. 1:

  • ½ թ / գդ. sugar
  • 2 rows of orange bitter
  • Դալ teaspoon of absinthe
  • 4-6 ounces of carbonated wine
  • Orange peel!
  • Type of glass: champagne flute
  1. This is a difficult thing.
  2. Add your sugar to your flute.
  3. Add your bitter.
  4. Add your absinthe.
  5. Rotate.
  6. Fill with bubble.
  7. Decorate.
  8. Drink.


September 12, 2017 |: By Morgan

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