The future of Epcot is human stories with the help of Disney mythology

Zack Ridley stands in front of an Epcot monitor against the backdrop of a spaceship Earth.

Photo:: Sabina Graves / Gizmodo:

Many new things are happening at Epcot as part of the program continuous 50th aAnniversary celebrations Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida o io9 has been invited to preview the latest extensions.

It all started last year with the opening Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure: In the French pavilion, և In just a few weeks Guardians of the Galaxy. space back designed to transport park guests a New space travel adventure. For a theme park focused on exploring distant culturesremote places, ecological biodiversity, future of travel, առատ festivals that highlight how people celebrate the seasons around the world; it makes us think about how the famous Disney IP was chosen to highlight a park that has always been advertised as more than just theme park. After all, that was where Walt Disney’s experience tested new innovations for the betterment of humanity for tomorrow’s community. (And why? a certain period created).

During our visit, io9: Talks with Imagineer և Creative Portfolio Manager Zack Ridley about recent changes in the park, includingpudding how to supplement Disney’s popular IP with in-depth considerations the core of the park’s tribute vision through its transformed pavilions առաջարկ entertainment offerings.

Sabina Graves, io9. Opening: Guardians of the Galaxy. space back we see the evolution of Epcot fully demonstrated while the gardens are in operation. V:Can you share about leading the next stage of transformation?

Zack Ridley. For me, whatGreat because the imaginative can lead this effort, this is the garden I went to as a child. I have to push myself to take responsibility for thinking about how to move this garden forward. For us, thatThis is the biggest transformation we have undertaken, և we have been able to bring out many elements for people to try, like: Ratatouille, Harmonious, և: Space 220—և Coming soon Guardians –this:that toocontinuous process. [In] World C:celebration, one of the four neighborhoods we use to organize the park, This is one of the biggest projects we are undertaking right in the center of the park with the spacecraft Earth. These are really ongoing ideas that we are not going to close on the spot, but There is a central nursery so that you can significantly create these moments …

io9: Like the Muppets’ “Rainbow Connection” light show during the Festival of the Arts?

Riddley: Yes, take “Rainbow Connection”—

io9: (Says aloud not realizing) Bring it back.

Riddley: (Laughs) And it’s amazing to see. I mean, it’s such a great icon to be so emotional. At night this entire place can be programmed in the way that Spaceship Earth is in terms of lighting, music, and color. We have over 12,000 programmable LCD fixtures once this is complete—and so take “Rainbow Connection,” but entirely immersed. And I think that’s the tone, that’s the spirit of it underlying all of the ideas. Later it can be changed for the Food and Wine Festival in that same space, we can have new topiaries [for Flower and Garden]. But there is one detail you, as an Epcot fan, may know: which is our illuminated sidewalk. T:it was a design feature in early Epcot fiber optics. We’ve got new technology, so we’re investing it here և it’s there in fact In the form of Epcot logo. So it’s like returning its touches.

io9. So I could not experience Epcot until I was an adult, but I wrote about it growing up as a fan of Walt Disney’s original vision for future cities. I like how in the land of tomorrow at Disneyland we have those edible plants և items that are a kind of sustainable resource that pays homage to the core themes of its programs. Can you talk a little bit about that? If we’re going to see it in some future environments.

Ridley. For us, it is about opportunity. We say it’s a magic և opportunity. So it’s a park about people, things that inspire us. [We thought about] the topics we want to bring up, և we looked at some of those timeless ideas, the stories that Disney may have unique insights into, but [are] That’s something you can feel it in 20 years. And you still get the urge that we do not create a situation where it is immediately obsolete, we go through it to find it. So what are they for us? we call these eternal stories with these themes that Epcot can uniquely bring. We have a whole greenhouse Live with the land, the showcase of all that technology. Back: Water Travel –This is a good example of how Epcot and Disney’s intellectual property come together. Water travel is inspired Moana This is an experiment thats comes as part of the vision. And that is V.orld Ն:ature district, located on the other side of the park, adjacent Seas: և: Country.

io9: Yes Moana fully corresponds to those topics.

Ridley. For White’s journeyr, the idea really celebrates the cycle. You actually get a chance to meet the water just like Moana meets her boyfriend in the movie, և We have some really fun experiences when you move twith this trail, which are completely unique, invented for it. But the underlying theme is really the ability to conserve water, like the water cycle, the fact that all water e:in essence finite և we can understand its role և keep it as a resource, so we can use elements from Moana’s story. But Epcot’s story is about water և its maintenance; that idea is rooted in real ideas, in real things that inspire us, but then actually take you into that experience. it is what we think th:Epcot’s unique area can come to life.

io9: How do you balance that with finding a way to keep it still alive or getting your favorite Epcot fans back?

Ridley. It has a really unique personality և design heritage. a many choices we have made,not just in personal experiences, but even bring back logos Epcot own font – go back to the original garden. So how do you do all this cool stuff? unifying? You only do this here. You know, we have it here, but then bring it up so that. again, fresh և appropriate for fans who may never have been here before. T:Oh, that’s it final: good luck with the transformation.

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