The Giants took a number from the Greats, which makes it easier to stay positive

Tuesday from 9:45 pm to 10:15 pm, c Giants of San Francisco The 91st, 92nd and 93rd games of the season were lost. Technically, it only happened to the extremely angry Giants fans, but it was reason enough to fight the front office, the property և list. The team was going to lose a huge advantage, losing the sixth game in a row, և people were like that howl. Not all criticisms were appropriate, but they certainly were not all knee-jerk reactions. Baseball was so ugly.

About 15 hours later, the Giants were crushed Great, 9-3, take a series of three games անել divide the season series. It was a much calmer job than that Tuesday banana“It was a convincing victory to restore order. The giants have proven that they can play terrible baseball, so we have not seen a mutant since the first month of the 2020 season, but they have also done enough to justify the lazy game.

Many of the giants’ off-season plans are going well.

Do not confuse this with Farhan Zaidi’s apology or polyanna analysis. You can still complain that the salary is much lower than expected. You can still rave about everything Mr. Gausman hit ել ponder what might have happened to Logan Webb-GausmanCarlos Rodon at the top of the hydra rotation. You may still be surprised at how the defense turned out worse with a designated striker. You’re still confused when Donovan Walton, Mr. Padlo և / or Stuart Fairchild you can still throw things when one of them hits the ball or has an unbeatable shot.

In general, however, there are many plans that work. You can still keep the Mad At Giants Baseball card in your waistcoat և take it out whenever you want, but a convincing win over the Mets անումը the split of the season lets us think about what ‘s going on. right.

Start with Jacob Eunice, who symbolizes off-season efforts to develop deep, unpredictable plans. The giants simply did not sign dozens of starting pitches on the minor league ball field, forcing them to fight at the Scottsdale Thunder. They carefully selected the many options available to Younis և they signed him to a good contract in the main league to make sure they would find their man. The deal was made in March something interesting. Two months later, it seems inspired. After another good start, Junis’ ERA leads the rotation, և he gets closer to the leading team of WAR.

Which does not mean that the giants expected him to prevent such a run. If they did, they would sign a five-year, $ 10 million, six-team deal with him. They had an idea, but something hinted at a “guarantee” that it was still going strong. Purchasing a starting jar, which was left with a variant that was within the “guarantee” of the hull, was always planned.

It is less likely that the giants thought they could grind Eunice և it is more likely that why? they thought this. June issue Royals: was that he gave up a lot of home runs, և the giants thought they could whisper to him the secrets of keeping the ball on the field. They were right. The shooting rate increased, the percentage of home runs has decreased with the ERA և it also allows fewer home runs per flying ball. The idea that giants can train jars if they have difficult training skills, in this case a slippery slope, is included in every off-season plan for the foreseeable future. They partially won the game on Wednesday.

The main reason for their victory in Wednesday’s game is that poor Thomas Szaputsky was beaten by the Beavers. They hit the ball several times high and deep, coming out of it against him, which was his off-season plan. Get (or keep) a group of guys who can do it.

The idea is back Do not spend before the lockout:

Therefore, my working theory is as follows. The giants simply do not believe that the striker and the pitcher they end up signing will be better off in a one-dollar war. They believe they will be better, whale. I’m going to use Carlos Rodon as an example, I have no idea if the giants like him as a free agent. In this hypothesis, they simply do not believe that Rodon will offer much Robbie Rayefficiency at a lower cost; they believe that Rodon will be more effective, end of sentence.

I was not a fan of savings, I still do not like it, at least because it concerns Gaussman և a few others. But the idea was that the giants had their own internal rating for each free agent, they were not going to match MLB: Shopping news or or someone else. Junis could be upstairs Marcus Stroman in their internal rankings, who knows? There is a lot of season, but for now the giants should be delighted to have Rodon և not Ray.

This is happening now because the Giants need to feel happy Pederson gameWednesday, who made his 11th home run on Wednesday, making up half of the team’s total Detroit Tigers:, a team that spent much more on free agents than giants. They recognized him as someone who could not only be worth more than other free agents at average prices, but also someone who was likely to be worth more than any other available outside player.

The giants realized that they were going to find ways to run, even if a quarter or half of their team was in IL – that’s what’s happening. Their average running time per game is 5.19, which is the second highest difference in baseball. Last season In 1947, when a team of giants without Willie Macy or Barry Bonds had more runs per game, Mel Hott was the manager and Bill Rignin was the second full-back. They score goals with bunches, damn the rabbit ball.

There are other parts of the off-season plan with mixed results. It: bullpen was mostly goodwith some serious May hustle and bustle. Angular field protection is difficult to understand if there is a DH slot. And I will continue to raise Ken Gausman until he goes full-fledged Jason Schmidt. But if the off-season plan was to create a team that (exaggerated finger quotes) “would run a lot faster than other teams”, they do most of it right. The only part of the program that has derailed this month is the pitching performance, but there is. more than a little proof that these problems can be fixed.

This does not mean that you have to cancel your cruise in October. This does not mean that the giants have 108 victories. This does not mean that you should buy into everything that the Giants have done, իհարկե of course, this does not mean that you should broadcast such memes.

However, the victory against the leading team in the division, such as “Mets”, is a number of victories, and it is worth showing with a little head what is right. The giants are still far behind Avoidersև they were by candlelight Fathers this week, so baseball is not as much fun as it was last season.

However, there are parts to the season plan that work. Hagop Younis և Jock Pederson վել Uniting for one win is at least that proof.

(Photo by Kelley L Cox / USA Today)

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