The Gotham Knights Batfamily is far more powerful than its outfit

Gotham Knights box art showing the game's protagonists walking down the street.

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Earlier in the week, game developer Warner Bros. Montreal has unveiled a new look for their upcoming superhero action RPG. Gotem Knights. Where the game’s debut in 2020 featured footage focused on Tim Drake’s Robin և Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl, this 13-minute presentation was about the game’s other two leaders, acrobatic Dick Grayson, also known as Nightwing; Ռ Once upon a time there was Robin Jason Todd, now Little Red Riding Hood. When Batman looks like he’s dead, he falls Dick, Jason, Tim և Barbara Protect Gotham from the villains who want to take advantage of the Dark Knight’s absence, including: Owl Court.

Knights The staff actually did not tell us anything that we did not know yet in 2020. This is a third person superhero game in 2022, so of course it will have RPG elements, outfits and bright combinations. Regardless Knights Designed as a live service game or with a real fixed ending, WB Montreal does not really need to sell players in-game combat or robbery. If you’ve played any Western RPG in the last five years, you already know how Knights RPG mechanics will mostly pass, they will just include a secret combat system like Rocksteady. Arkham games. What will make or break the game, what should be shown more, are its titled Gotham Knights, their dynamism that they have with each other.

Of all the great heroes in DC, Batman probably has one of the strongest supporting actors. Whether you’re a Batman fan or not, chances are you love at least two members of the growing Batfamily. In addition to Grayson և Gordon, heroes such as the future Batgirls Cassandra Kane, Stephanie Brown, popular races in the 90s և 2000s, and even players like Rene Montoya have gained popularity. But for most of the last decade, Batfamily fans needed it. contradictory recycled or traps humorous readers directly did not like. Everything out of the comics was not terribly good, as Nolan’s films were not interested in creating a platform for future Bat-heroes until the last moment են Ben Affleck’s DCEU Batman knelt down before he was drafted. new baby soldier in his crusade.

Batfamily should have fun in games. Injustice brought in a few members of Batman’s circle – those who did not receive accidentally killed It was fun to play or watch pop up. The most remarkable is Arkhem city և: Knight had DLC chapters focused on characters such as Nightwing, Robin և Harley Quinn և Knight He had a mechanic who allowed players to swap between Batman and his “other teammates.” But historically, the Rocksteady saga was so focused on selling the powerful fantasy of being Batman that he forgot that Mr. Vrezh had never really worked alone.

Everything has been going well for Batfamily fans in recent years. Previously lost family members now have plenty of time to shine in the comics, or indoors Individual and team books or: Batman: Urban Legends: anthology comedy. In Webcomics Wayne family adventures, Batfamily feels like a real family in the context of a part of life, unlike anything DC has ever officially announced – it’s a joy since it first appeared in 2021. Family members like Harley, Betgirell և Cass, have been or will soon be starring in their own films, there are CWs Gotem Knights A TV show (unrelated to the game) is expected to take place. And it’s like Matt Reeves’ Batman Robert Pattinson The version of the character is just encouraging (և: stupidIt is enough to take the child under control, to teach him to fight against crime, using nothing but his own mind, a tall wand.

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Since it’s explicitly is not defined At Rocksteady’s Arkham space Gotem Knights He has a dignified amount of freedom, establishing the heroes’ relationship with each other, with their paternal character, before the start of the game. Selling a powerful fantasy of being more than a Batman student, WB Montreal should sell the idea that Dick, Jason, Tim և are Barbara’s family in this a game with complex feelings about the person who inspired them to fight crime, maybe even each other. It is this dynamic that has led Batfamily to read for decades, և Knights is in a unique position to present it in a way that differs from previous comics. Dialogues and jokes are good during missions, but the game just can’t be relied on to convey history and tension between the four leaders. “

There have been games that have managed to make the relationship feel as strong as their fights, for example Hades or: Scarlet Nexus:. Both games approach it in different ways. Nexus: allows his two leaders to give presents to their party members և to spend time with them individually in separate episodes that provide game benefits. Hades He has extensive conversations with Zagreus, the “many inhabitants of the underworld,” which help him grow as a person, “making the house of Hades a little more tolerable place to be.”

Even in the area of ​​superhero games, we see relationships that are explored in a variety of interesting ways. pre-game joke Injustice 2: does a great job of forcing DC և’s guest fighters to make their fights small, emotionally charged stories at the moment. Marvel’s upcoming tactical game Midnight men! goes in the footsteps of those games և Atlus Person: the series in which you need: contact each avenger additional skills համար to get outfits. Last year was surprisingly great Guardians of the Galaxy game: made the relationship between its title “a-holes” meaningful with the flight decisions, և Insomniac Spiderman Peter Parker և Miles Morales’s dynamic sense of excitement նոր makes next year’s games vital. Spider-Man 2:.

Gotem Knights He will probably not allow his characters to exchange gifts, but even a simple thing like eating heroes or sparring in the middle of the day will add a little more life to the game. The fun of superheroes has always been to interact with them when they are not punching bad guys. There is no doubt about that Knights will present a mixture of fights և stealth, which Arkham games so perfectly nailed. But all the bright cooperative fists and outfits in the world will not mean anything if the four heroes of the game, those who can appear through DLC, do not feel that they are all together.

Gotem Knights Released October 25 on Xbox Series consoles, PlayStation 5 և PC.

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