The government shows a “targeted” approach to the issue of vaccination against monkeys. responsible for health | CBC News:

Federal health officials are strategically deploying doses of monkeypox vaccine across the country in response to growing cases, the deputy director general of public health said on Thursday.


The virus can cause rash, fatigue, muscle aches, fever and headache. It is often spread through close contact with an infected person, especially through the exchange of body fluids, but can also be spread through the air or on surfaces.

Nju said that while the risk of infection for the general population is low, health officials are closely monitoring the virus and want to be able to deliver vaccines quickly in response to outbreaks.

“After discussions with all of Canada’s health care providers, we have decided to take a targeted approach to vaccine treatment,” Nju said.

WATCH |: The government has no plans to crack down on the Monkeypox vaccine

The government has no plans to launch a monkey vaccination campaign

Dr. Howard Nju, deputy director general of public health, told a news conference that Canada did not want to launch a monkey vaccination campaign at this time.

“We are rapidly moving from a limited supply of vaccines and therapies to a nationwide strategic emergency resource or NESS within our jurisdiction.”

The Canadian Public Health Agency (PHAC) has already shipped 1,000 doses of the Imvamune vaccine to Quebec. Nju did not say how many doses were sent to other states.

Nju said PHAC does not see the need for a mass vaccination campaign at this time.

Quebec Public Health Director Dr Luke Boyleo said earlier on Thursday that the state would start offering the vaccine to high-risk individuals.

Quebec confirmed 25 cases on ThursdayAll were connected with a large area of ​​Montreal.

Monkeypox comes from the same family of viruses that cause chickenpox, which was eliminated in 1977.

Nju admitted that the appearance of chickenpox in Canada can be alarming for some people, especially when the COVID-19 epidemic continues. He said that the viruses that cause COVID-19 և monkey flower are spread in different ways.

“At the moment, of course, based on what we’ve seen so far in epidemiology, [monkeypox] “It seems to be limited to certain individuals who have obviously been involved in close communication activities,” he said. “But there seems to be no evidence of what I would call a more widespread community.”

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