The hills of the city

This post is sponsored by Hill City և ShopStyle.

“The season will show the people you love how much you really care. It means spending time with them, but also showing that you know them with small gifts is something we will talk about today. Especially if you have a special person in your life who values ​​style, quality, comfort and stability. Hill City is where these four qualities meet. So I have three different looks for you in today’s post that are filled with pieces that are great gifts for her. is sponsored Hill City.

At first glance, shot in the urban version of the hills – the roof. (Do you see what I did there?) I started to look at it everyday tech pantsthrew a Supima cotton cover as a base layer, then a heavy wool shirtև finished it a wool shirt jacket և a: light gray merino cashmere bead. Beanies are always a great option for gifts, as the size variable is limited, but there are easy ways to find out the size of the top and bottom without spoiling the surprise. Just dig a little deeper into their closet to see what other items there are.

Take a look at the number two features that may be my favorite piece on Hill City Warm light shirt jacket. It’s light but warm, so even on this hectic morning in New York, I could only walk comfortably. Under the daily Merino T-Shirt. They both come in a variety of colors, so there’s plenty of room to nail it if you know their favorite color.

Last but not least, a much more casual outfit around the house as long as you do not live in a warmer temperature that allows you to wear it. shorts this time of year. They are super comfortable, և I literally turned them on as soon as I opened my Hill City delivery. If you’ve seen my last post in Hill City, you’ve already heard that I’m angry with their hat, so you know I love it. basic gray hoodie. Perfect for cold days, but as you can see at first glance, it can also be a great middle ground if you decide to go out. Last but not least, a classic gift. socks. If they have a little bit of fame in the gift scene, I promise you this couple will not be disappointed. Bold but versatile, comfortable և performance ready. Frankly, a great pair of socks can go a long way, և easy to assemble, which will not hurt.

Check out the rest of their website to see if you can find anything that works for that particular person in your life. Use my unique ONEDAPPER code to save up to 20% off any order.

This post is sponsored by: Hill City և ShopStyle:


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