The judge has so far suspended the $ 10,000 daily fine against Trump

A New York judge on Wednesday said he “conditionally“It cleans contempt order v. former President Donald Trump, as long as he provides additional information on the documents sought by the state Attorney General by the end of next week.

At the same time, Judge Arthur Engoron said he was ending the $ 10,000 a day fine he owed to Trump last month, but that Trump still had to pay the $ 110,000 he had already accumulated.

The judge found Trump with civil contempt for the court և ordered him to pay daily fine until reversed documents He was summoned to the State Prosecutor General’s Office or presented evidence that he had no documents.

Trump’s lawyer Alina Habba filed a lawsuit on Friday detailing the effort which was prepared on behalf of Trump to find the documents and other information that the Attorney General was looking for. probe: In the business practice of the Trump organization.

Habba said they had “diligently, thoroughly searched for all the documents և information required by the call,” including trying to find Trump’s old cell phones.

His documents state that Trump does not know where the phones are located; և (ii) a new phone recently given to him by TruthSocial, which is used exclusively for that purpose. by posting on that website. “

Habba added that he personally searched Trump’s property in New Jersey, Florida last week in an attempt to find the documents. “I diligently searched every room in the defendant’s private residence in Mar-a-Lago, including all desks, drawers, nightstands, wardrobes, cupboards, and so on. I could not find any documents that matched the trial that did not exist. “It was submitted to the OAG by the Trump Organization,” he said.

He said he had conducted a similar search of Trump’s office in Florida, այլ Another Trump’s lawyer searched his office and residence at the Trump Tower in New York. Searches were also conducted in different cabinets, the statement said.

The judge who should? denied the earlier claim One of Trump’s lawyers was to stop the fine because their answers were not detailed enough, which was attributed to the lawyers’ progress.

He said that he would stop the fines, would he eliminate the decision of contempt, if Trump’s team achieves three goals by May 20. complete a review of five of the 17 boxes in the off-site warehouse. և paid the $ 110,000 fine that Trump has accumulated so far.

“In case of non-fulfillment of any of the above conditions, the order of disrespectful treatment will be restored; the fine will be restored retroactively until Saturday, May 7,” the judge’s decision reads.

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