The last caricature of the NBA in 2021

It’s draft day, but this time for the NBA. Unfortunately, I did not invest as much in the NBA Draft as I did in the NFL Draft, but nonetheless, here is my last joke before tonight. It’s a busy group with so much talent. I hope you like the article և Project.

Credit for the offered image. Tulsa World:

  1. Detroit Pistons – Cade Cunningham, PG / SG, Oklahoma

Comparison of players: Luka Doncic

Cunningham is the clear # 1 choice for this project. He can score from anywhere, չափ his size allows him to be versatile in defense. His vision as a passerby will allow him to be a point guard if necessary. He has the potential to become an NBA superstar, and the Pistons will not convey that.

  1. Houston Rockets – Jalen Green, SG, G-League Ignite:

Comparison of players. Zack Lavine

Green is the most exciting prospect of leaving the G-League. He has great athleticism and the ability to score goals. I can see him playing the role of Zach Lavigne for Houston.

Image from DraftKings Nation
  1. Cleveland Cavaliers – Evan Mobley, USA, USA

Comparison of players. Bam Adebayo:

Moble fits the pattern of the modern great man. He is incredibly mobile, his jumper has potential. He is one of the best in this class in terms of shooting-blocking. He can train well in Cleveland.

  1. Toronto Raptors – Jalen Suggs, PG / SG, Gonzaga:

Comparison of players. Jamal Murray

As Kyle Lowry seems to be coming out, it’s time for the Raptors to find a new PG. Saggs will play that role well. He is a convulsive defender who plays with a big heart. During the attack, he distributes the ball well, he is not afraid of big moments.

  1. Orlando Magic – Scottie Barnes, PF, Florida

Comparison of players. Draymond Green

Scotty Barnes – Barnes is an elite defender who can defend from one to five. The combination of its length (7’2 “wingspan) և energy makes it a leading prospect. Offensively, he has to develop his shot, but he is a good ball handler and passer.

  1. Oklahoma City Thunder – Jonathan Cumminga, SF / PF, G-League Ignite

Comparison of players. Jeff Green (closer to his heyday)

Kuminga is potentially a high-end option. He is strong, jumpy and fast for his size. His overall game needs refinement, but he has a very good NBA player. It was hard to compare him because I did not want to use more guards like Jalen Brown, but I think Cumminga could be in a place like Jeff Green.

  1. Golden State Warriors (Minnesota Timberwolves) – James Booknight, S.C. J., Yu Conn

Comparison of players. Jordan Clarkson

This UConn product can receive expert ratings from all three levels. He is a gymnast who has a strong shooting mechanics. The Warriors need players who can contribute to their team right now, and Buknight needs to be ready to do that.

  1. Orlando Magic (Chicago Bulls) – Josh Guide, PG, International

Comparison of players. LaMelo Ball:

Around 6’8 “, Gidey is a skilled playmaker who does everything. His shooting mechanism is somewhat disturbing, but his overall progress exceeds his game. The Magic needs guys like Gideon who can make a difference.

2021 NBA design profile.  International Perspective Josh Guide
File from HoopsHabit
  1. Sacramento Kings – Moses Moody, SG, Arkansas

Comparison of players. Mikal Bridges:

Moody’s is the best 3 & D arm in this class. He hits the ball well, և the opening of his wings, about 7’1 “allows him to play in defense. If Buddy Hilde concludes the deal, Moody can pack his shoes.

  1. Memphis Grizzlies (New Orleans Pelicans) – Franz Wagner, SF, Michigan

Comparison of players in Nicholas Bath

Wagons և This is a 3 & D sleeve. At 6’9, Wagner may actually be a better defender than Moses Moody, but his shot is not where the teams want it to be. So, at worst, he will be a rotating full-back in the league.

  1. Charlotte Hornets – Alperen Shengün, PF / C, International:

Comparison of players. Jonas Valensyunas

Sengun shows many features that are common to international players. He has a high basketball IQ, makes good passes and is a cunning graduate. If he improves his defense, he can be in the starting lineup for a long time. He would be a great match for the Hornets, who already have some cunning players like Lamelo Ball and Terry Rosier.

  1. San Antonio Spears – Corey Kispert, SF, Gonzaga

Comparison of players. Joe Harris

You know exactly what you’re getting at Corey Kispert. He is an elite shooter who boasts of strong athleticism. In the NBA today, he will undoubtedly play a direct role in the team. Spurs can use the space provided by him.

  1. Indiana Pacers – Dion Mitchell, PG / SG, Baylor

Comparison of players. Malcolm Brogdon

As with Corey Kispert, you know what you get with Mitchell. He is best known for his elite perimeter defense and tough playing style. He is also a good distributor and shooter. He և Malcolm Brogdon will become the best defensive duo in the NBA.

Warriors, please do not call up Dion Mitchell.  He will be a flop
Image from the San Francisco Chronicle
  1. Golden State Warriors – Trey Murphy III, SF, Virginia

Comparison of players: Trevor Ariza

As I mentioned in the election of James Booknight, the Warriors need players who can contribute now. Murphy falls into that category. He was a key member of the Virginia team at both ends of the floor. In 2021, he could leave the bench as a combined striker of “Golden State”.

  1. Washington Wizards – Chris Duarte, S.J., Oregon
  1. Oklahoma City Thunder (Boston Celtics) – Kay Jones, FC, Texas
  1. New Orleans Pelicans (Memphis Grizzlies) – Keon Johnson, S.C. J., Tennessee
  1. Oklahoma City Thunder (Miami Heat) – Zair Williams, SF, Stanford
  1. New York Knicks – Three Man, PG, Florida
2019-2020 Florida Gators Men's Basketball Profile Card: Tre Mann
Image from Gators Wire
  1. Atlanta Hawks – Jaden Springer, PG / SG, Tennessee
  1. New York Knicks (Dallas Mavericks) – Study Garuba, PF, International
  1. Los Angeles Lakers – Jared Butler, Pigi, Baylor
  1. Houston Rockets (from Portland Trailblazers) – Jaylen Johnson, SF / PF, Duke
  1. Houston Rockets (from Milwaukee Bucks) – JT Thor, PF, Auburn
  1. Los Angeles Clippers – Isaiah Jackson, Key, Kentucky
  1. Denver Nuggets – Cameron Thomas, SG, LSU
LSU member Cameron Thomas to participate in NBA 2021 draft, rent agent |  Bleacher Report |:  Latest news, videos և important events
Image from Bleacher Report
  1. Brooklyn Nets – Sharif Cooper, PG, Auber
  1. Philadelphia 76ers – Nah’Shon Hyland, PG / SG, VCU:
  1. Phoenix Suns – Miles McBride, PG, West Virginia:
  1. Utah Jazz – Day Ron Sharp, USA, North Carolina

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