The man was dragged for allowing a woman to sleep for Mother’s Day, spending $ 290 on her own mother

A man who neglected his own wife Mother’s Day In favor of his mother, he spends most of his family money on her.

writing to Reddit: Forum: r / AmITheA ** holeu / PortableChaos719 received more than 11,300 votes for և 1300 comments Post:»,[Am I the A**hole] “To ‘overreact’ to how things got worse on Mother’s Day.”

She says her friends and her husband thought she was overreacting, but she wanted the source to be impartial. She has two sons, 12 և 9, from previous relationships, հետ has been with her husband for eight years, married for five.

He says he feels that all the people in his life were waiting for him to fix everything for them, that he “has been filling an empty cup for several months”. On Mother’s Day, she says that she slept while her husband was chasing the children. It lasted from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

But when he finally woke up, things were not as he expected. She asked if her husband had prepared the food she was melting for dinner. He did not do it because he did not want to cook. The children, however, were fed only instant soup instead of something more important.

“I just thought it was incredibly selfish, careless. Mostly because he did not want to train because he was playing video games. I did not receive any cards, gifts or anything else. “Everything I did was asleep,” u / PortableChaos719 wrote.

In a comment, she added that her children did not know it was Mother’s Day. She said she did not mention their school so as not to alienate students without her mother, because her husband did not mention it. His eldest son, however, was upset that he did not know and wrote him a handwritten letter the next day.

He said that since dinner was not prepared, he was going to leave the restaurant for lunch. Her husband then asked if she could get anything “from different parts of the city.” She says that she mentioned that it was her mother’s day և she had to go, or that she was complaining at first because she was busy playing video games, she regretted it.

“He came back with something I did not want because ‘he thought I would like it.’ – wrote u / PortableChaos719.

Surprised by the lack of funds, as they had $ 400 in their total account on Saturday, he asked what the amount was. He said he sent his mother $ 250 to pay for the car and $ 40 for a bouquet. She was upset because u / PortableChaos719 only slept and had a poor quality dinner, but her husband and friends say she “blows disproportionately.”

The man is being harassed on Reddit for neglecting his wife on Mother’s Day in favor of his mother’s precious gift.
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Spouses who do not value their wives’ motherhood day, of course, assuming they are actually mothers– They are playing a dangerous game, says Dr. Bonnie Iker Weil, a relationship expert. The day after Mother’s Day is the day dating service will present the most female registrations, writes Dr. Weil on his website.

“It is necessary for men to respect women, to be mothers, to work outside the home, especially on Mother’s Day. One day a year, a husband can honor his motherly dedication and professional work. “Men can show that they value their wives at home or in the office, especially men who invalidate, ignore or disobey can send a message that they treat themselves or do not value them,” he wrote. Weil.

Reddit basically agreed that her husband should have done better on this Mother’s Day.

«[Not the A**hole] – Your spouse has spent about 75% of your limited resources, I suppose it is a total bill without discussing it with you. That alone is a big concern in your marriage, “wrote u / Forward_Squirrel8879 in the highest-rated comment with about 20,000 votes in favor.

“I do not even understand it. I do not like my daughters’ father, but I always try to buy a gift or help our daughter make a postcard for Father’s Day, because it’s not about me, it’s about me. the child և the other parent, “wrote u / Ecstatic_Policy_1569.

«[Not the A**hole] but one day forget this. “You have a problem that your husband is not a full member of the family, he took a significant amount of money from the joint account without telling you,” wrote u / Sea-Mud5386. “New basic rules. Now. He learns to cook, he leaves behind video games, he manages the housework, you agree on what comes out of that account. “You’re burnt because he treats you like dirt, and then he ‘s angry that you do not accept it calmly.”

«[Not the A**hole]. I thought my husband could afford to give his mom almost $ 300, but he couldn’t even get the dinner I wanted. “Give him the same on Father’s Day եք see how he likes it,” wrote u / Lyria666.

“I was going to tell you to calm down until I saw the last point. Oh no, he was not above you, but his mother! She should have cleaned it up with you before paying her mom’s bills, especially with so little. the bank, “wrote u / Minute_Box3852.

Newsweek: Contact u / PortableChaos719 for comment.

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