The Mob Psycho 100 returns for its third season this October

Mob, the protagonist of the Mob Psycho 100, looks excited and smiling.

Image:: Studio Bones / Crunchyroll:

The Internet loves him to some extent shone animeշատ Of the many that exist currently out right now, Mob Psycho 100: may be in the top layer. Adaptation of ONE created by Studio Bones (One-Punch Man:) The last time the action-comedy series aired was in 2019, վերջին at the end of last year we learned that the third season officially in production. Now we know that Mob Psycho 100s The third season will appear this fall.

If you’ve not watched the show, here’s what it’s all about. is carefully drafted so that its powers do not get out of control. On his way to school, he works with a rogue Reagan Arataka (Takahiro Sakurai / Chris Nios) who hopes to control his abilities. The manga was quite popular when it was released in 2012-2017, the anime is just as popular as it is listed on various websites as one of the best anime of 2010.

As the third season opens, we find that Mob is unsure of what he wants to do with his life in the future. Didn’t you know that it was then that the cult of “Spirit-helmets” was worshiped? begins to appear in the city, looking for someone with mental strength. It will reach the crowd soon, Reigen և new ally Katsuya Serizawa (Takanori Hoshino / Edward Bosco) to save everyone. This new season begins with the “Divine Tree” bow, which is 92-97 chapters. crowd This is a shorter manga compared to its contemporaries, it’s finished with 101 chapters, so there are a few bows left to adjust, this will be the last season of the anime.

Mob Psycho: The third season will hit Crunchyroll this October.

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