The New York Times removes the word “fruit” from its Wordle answers

The New York Times reported on Monday that it had removed the word “fruit” from its Wordle replies to make the game “different from the news.”

The announcement comes about a week later Politics: leaked the draft conclusion of the Supreme Court, which shows the Supreme Court Ron vs. Wade is likely to fail.

“In the New York Times games, we take our role as a place to have fun and escape, we want Wardle to be different from the news,” the New York Times reported. The announcement is posted on his website.

“However, due to the current technology of Wordle, it can be difficult to change the words that are already loaded in the game. “When we found out last week that this particular word would be displayed today, we changed it for as many solvers as possible.” The newspaper added.

A Times spokesman confirmed to NBC News that the word referred to in his statement was “fruit”.

Wordle’s response was “completely unintentional և accidental. “Today’s initial response was uploaded to Wordle last year,” the Times said in a statement.

Wordle, acquired by the New York Times in January, is an online puzzle that gives users six attempts to guess the five-letter word that is reset every day. According to the Times, the game has amassed millions of players since its inception.

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