The next Halo Infinite update will bring back the secret campaign superpower gun

Halo Infinite A faulty, super-powerful “tank gun” will be added to the game campaign in the upcoming update. The developer of 343 Industries announced on Friday.

The tank gun is an extremely powerful weapon, in fact, a portable version of the Scorpion tank cannon, which has unlimited ammunition – it is known to fast runners – as a way to make the game much easier. But even though you need to know exactly where to look find the gun (which, by the way, is invisible), Hello This was announced in April by the community’s senior manager John Unishek 343 to eliminate “tank gun malfunction” next to the second season of the game, which started on May 3. That was not the decision a very popular in the communityև It seems that there was quite a counterattack that the 343 decided to bring back the tank gun.

343 will also add some skill flights to the game’s multiplayer maps. Hard-to-remove jumps (like the “Pizza” jump) could give players an advantage in hot combat, but it seems they could do it the way the developers did not intend.

“We have initially decided that these flights are divided into several categories. “Places where the environment is bad for the game world, places that have created a combat imbalance or a combination of the two,” Unishek said on Friday. Halo Waypoint Forums:.

The 343 made some adjustments that eliminated some skill flights with a season 2 patch, but community outcry was high enough that the 343 was going to add many more. “We are responding,” said Unishek.

Last week, Unisek noted that 343 Industries was considering changes in response to player feedback after the start of the season. “We have seen responses to changes that have affected various multiplayer flights and campaign acceleration strategies.” Unishek said on May 5. “We are not yet at the point where we can promise anything, but we want to be transparent, to say that we take the feedback seriously, to review the options inside.”

Halo Infinite creative director Joseph Staten also accepted the complaints. “Hey Spartans, this week has been bumpy,” Staten said. quotes-tweets Unishek. “That was definitely not our goal.”

Junyszek did not provide a specific date for the new update on Friday, but it looks like it may be coming soon. “Our team has worked hard to get this update as soon as possible, but there are still some steps we need to take to be able to release it into the wild,” he said. “In the next few days we will share more about the specific release dates of this update.”

Reversals are just the latest speedometers Halo Infinite:which had: the rocky course of things since its launch late last year. And we will wait for some time for some basic functions to be added to the game. 343 announced last month that it is Targeting: late August release for online campaign collaboration և September for open beta version of Forge mode.

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