The owner of the Dallas salon thinks that the shooting is a crime of hatred. “She did not even ask for money. He just came in to shoot people. “

a Shot in Dallas hairdressing salon injures three women of Korean descent Police said Friday that there may have been a series of shootings targeting Asian businesses.

Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia said that a similar car was used in the last three shootings, including the attack on Wednesday. The barber shop is described as a Korean property.

Police have not publicly identified the suspect.

The motive for the shooting is unknown, and Garcia said Friday that the case is now under investigation for a hate crime, just a day after he said “we can say with confidence that hatred is not a motivator.”

The chief said that when he made that comment, the facts had not yet led to a possible connection between the shootings.

“It often takes so long,” he said. “I am very fortunate that our hardworking men and women have put it together so that we can clarify some things, with great care, so that we can understand our communities.”

If it turns out that the root of the attacks is hatred, Garcia said. “It has no place here.”

Investigators are working to determine if there was a ballistic match for the three attacks. He announced about the possible connection at the afternoon press conference.

The first two attacks, which took place on April 2 and May 10, were described by Garcia as being aimed at Asian-American businesses. Witnesses described a red or burgundy minivan or car during the incidents. A minivan of a similar old model was described during the shooting at the Hair World Salon on Wednesday.

No one was injured during the previous incidents.

The latest shooting took place in the northwestern district of Dallas, not far from the first march.

Chief of Police Warren Mitchell had earlier reported that the injured had received limb injuries and had been hospitalized with life-threatening injuries.

The owner of the salon, 44-year-old Chang Hye-jin, who was among the injured, said he initially thought the shooting was a hate crime.

“It feels especially targeted because he did not even demand money,” he said. “He just came in to shoot people.”

The front door is usually locked and open for every customer, but on Wednesday the business was so busy that the door was left open, Chang said.

He said he was so traumatized by the violence that he did not return to the store, not sure when it would reopen.

He says Chang shot his left leg and injured his right leg while fleeing.

Chang said he now felt insecure anywhere in the United States and condemned the proliferation of weapons.

One man and seven women were inside the hall when another co-owner said he saw a man holding a gun outside in the hall mirror.

A South Korean woman who said she was terrified of the incident rushed to lock it up. But he could not do that before the gunman came in and started firing, he said.

He said the co-owner was injured in three places in his right hand and required four hours of surgery.

The third victim was a customer, the owners of the hall said.

The Dallas police chief said he had informed the FBI, the regional counterterrorism group, the anti-defamation league and the Dallas mayor’s hate crime task force.

Garcia said the security camera trailers would be strategically located, that additional “visible patrols” would be deployed in areas with Asian-American businesses and residents.

Police are also working with other North Texas units to determine if other shots are similar, Garcia said.

Group: Stop AAPI hatred in tweets On Thursday, “Our hearts go out to the three Korean women who were shot by a gunman in Dallas, Korea.”

Koreatown is also known as the Asian Business District. The second attack took place in a strip mall, where Asian businesses are located on Sunnyvale Street in Oak Cliff, Dallas, about 20 miles south of Correa Town.

According to the US Census Bureau, 4% of Dallas’s population are non-white Asians. Non-profit tourism organization Visit Dallas has a much larger number, estimating that in a city of 1.3 million, more than 300,000 have Asian heritage.

Attacks come at a time The rise of hate crime against people of Asian descent.

A coalition of more than 50 Asian American non-profit organizations announced this week that they are organizing A multicultural march at National Mall was born on June 25 in Washington.

One of the topics of the demonstration was the growth of crimes against anti-Asian hatred.

A report by a number of Asian American law firms was released last week More and more Americans are now blaming Asian Americans for Covid-19 than at the peak of the epidemic in 2021.

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