The Rangers win Game 6, including one comeback after scoring two goals

Chris Crader և Mika Zibanejad Celebrate 6th Pittsburgh Match

Three games after pushing one back, again two goals behind, Rangers: forced the 7th game.

Here is the victory of the 6th game of the Blueshirts over the Penguins in Pittsburgh …

– Both violations were shooting at a higher speed than in the 5th game at the beginning of this game. The Penguins kept the drum in the Rangers’ belt for a few minutes at a time. They also scored from the penalty spot, but a few minutes later, after the first real fight Igor Shesterkin where he made four saves with lightning speed, Jeff Carter hid from one, pushed Pittsburgh 1-0.

In less than two minutes, Jake Guntzel had a beautiful cross-ice transition to Brian Rast who scored once, making it 2-0. Rangers had some chances later because Frank Fire hit the crossbar, և Rangers overcame the front Louis Domingobut the third-line goalkeeper made several large saves to prevent Rangers from scoring from the first 12 shots.

– Five minutes after the second round, the Rangers went into their first game of the night after a stupid rough penalty. Evan Rodriguez which became the turning point of the game, և only five seconds, Mika Zibanejad scored his first goal in the playoffs, but had not yet finished. During their next visit, he slapped one of them next to Dominguez, tying the game at just 1:16.

– Zibanejad was soon fined for postponing the game, but turning the pens on the game of force. Q: Rooney He was then called on a trip, and the Rangers had to kill 5-3. The crisis was prevented, իբ Zibanejad broke right out of the box, but he hit the post. The Rangers saved the second penalty when Shesterkin played as Vezina’s favorite.

– Vatrano drew blood on a high stick, giving the Rangers four minutes of power play, they did not need even one minute to use the advantage. After Shesterkin’s pass, which reached Zibanejad along the ice, Dominguez made a save, but. Chris Crader returned it during the rebound, giving Rangers a 3-2 lead. Eugene Malkin He took matters into his own hands, however, interrupting the transfer Hagop Trouba և Equalizing the game on the separatist. In the second, the Rangers exploded on goal for 18 shots as they headed into the final 20, which combined into three.

– Only 10 shots were scored in the first 14 minutes of the third period, but “Shesterkin” and “Dominguez” made some big saves because of the great looks of both teams. But when 1:28 remained the main rule, Crader hit the net, which was deflected by Zibanejad, who saved Dominguez, but a fun jump was made over him, և it dripped into the net և in front of the Blue shirts. and Zibanejad – a hat-trick.

– The Penguins pulled Dominguez, but Rangers’ defense was strong, after the gift, Andrew Cope captured the empty gate and won.

It was the kids who kept Rangers alive in Game 5 իր, really, in all the series. But this time the veterans of Zibanejad և Krader united for four goals.

– The sequence of goals (two by the Penguins, one by the Rangers, one by the Penguins, two by the Rangers) was identical to Game 5. Shesterkin stopped 22 of the Penguins’ last 23 shots.

– Pittsburgh was without Sidney Crosbywho suffered an upper body injury in Game 5. We will follow his status in the 7th game.


What’s next?

Game 7. Sunday evening. Madison Square Garden.

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