The Seahawks were joking with their players about an absurdly unfair fake schedule

RENTON, Wash Seattle Seahawks: They already knew they would have a tough schedule this season, going the longest mile from any NFL team.

And when some Seahawks got the details of their 2022 chart, they could not believe how much harder it actually was. Four straight road game. Didn’t you say goodbye after their visit to Germany? We play Thanksgiving և: Christmas Day?

If that sounds too much to be true, it’s because it was part of a joke the Seahawks had on several players. On Thursday, just hours before the release of the NFL Real Time Schedule, the team posted a video on Twitter Will Disley helps to spread false details among unbelievers, և in case of security Quandre DiggsOutraged – teammates.

At the end of the video, during a fake phone call, coach Pete Carroll swears at the league office in front of a group of players, before revealing to them that it is all a joke.

Diggs later wrote on Twitter that he was joking.

The Seahawks are, in fact, playing Tampa Bay Buccaneers: November 13 in Munich, Germany. According to, the eight trips to Seattle will cover 29,446 miles in the NFL. For comparison, note that: Pittsburgh Steelers will pass 6442 miles low, will not leave the Eastern time zone.

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