The Senate passed a bill to ensure the safety of family members of Supreme Court judges

WASHINGTON – The Senate passed a bipartisan bill Monday that would extend security protections to immediate family members. Supreme Court justice in the near future amid tensions abortion decision.

The bill, introduced last week by Senators Chris Koons, D-Del, and John Cornyn of Texas, was unanimously supported. The event, known as the Supreme Court Equality Act, is now heading to the palace.

It will provide security such as protection for the family members of some executive և legislatures.

“We must work to ensure that judges and their families are protected from those who seek to harm them by extending the security of the Supreme Court police to family members,” Cornyn said in a statement before the vote, citing “last week’s events.”

The protesters then staged a demonstration Politico has published a draft of the leaked opinion which showed that the majority of the judges were ready to overturn Ron v. Wade.

Protesters on weekends showed outside the houses Judge Brett Cavanaugh and Chief Justice John Roberts. Another rally was reportedly scheduled for Monday evening at the home of Judge Samuel Alito, who wrote the leaked bill.

It was a high fencing erected Last week in front of the Supreme Court, when a crowd gathered to protest Both sides of the abortion debate.

In a separate statement before the Senate passed, Koons said the bill was a “painful necessity” but needed to address “extremes on both sides of the political spectrum.”

“Millions of Americans who have joined … Katanji Brown Jackson confirmation hearings can’t help but see her husband and daughter on national television,” Koons said. “If the families of Supreme Court judges have the same description և disclosure as the highest-ranking officials in our government, they deserve the same level of protection.”

Senate: confirmed Jackson last month He will replace Judge Steven Breyer when he retires from the court this summer.

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