The surprise winner of the Kentucky derby will miss the precaution

He will not be the Triple Crown Champion this year after Kentucky derby winner Rich Strike announced on Thursday that his foal would miss the Preakness Stakes and run to the Belmont Stakes instead.

Owner Rick Dawson said Rich Strike left Derby in good shape on Saturday. But he said that he և coach Eric Reed decided not to push the foal in the second leg of the Triple Crown on May 21 in Baltimore, after only two weeks of rest, especially after. winning America’s most famous horse race (և: Legion of fans) With 80-1 blow.

The foal did not even enter the derby until the day before the race, when Ethereal Road was scratched.

“Our original Rich Strike program was based on the Kentucky derby. “If we had not run in Derby, we would have pointed to Preakness,” Dawson said in a statement. “If we run in Derby, given the result of the race, the condition of our horse, we will give him more time to recover.”

Dawson said one of the possible plans was to run a horse nicknamed Richie at the Belmont Stakes in New York on June 11, but still give him five to six weeks between races.

“Obviously, thanks to our tremendous effort and victory in the derby, it is very, very tempting to change course, to run in Pimliko at Preakness, which will be a great honor for our entire team,” Dawson said. “However, after lengthy discussions with my coach Eric Reed քանի with a few others, we intend to stick to our plan of what’s best for Ritchie, what’s best for our group, ‘Let’s run in Preakness’. to Belmont in about five weeks. “

In the announcement, Reed said about the horse. “The most important thing is what is best for him. We hate the decision we should have made, but it was right. ”

But Dawson և Reed warned that sending Baltimore to Rich Strike was definitely not something. At Churchill Downs, Derby, in Churchill Downs, the foal was on the racetrack, where he had previously won (17 lengths). The track contributes to Rich Strike’s late-closing style.

The Preakness is one-sixteenth of a mile shorter than the Derby, The Pimlico Race Course configuration features stronger turns և requires more agility.

There are indications that there are far fewer horses than the 20 that landed in Louisville; In Derby, the foal caught the Epicenter և Zandon, who was tired of being chased by the early leaders.

The removal of Rich Strike means the Epicenter, who finished second in the Derby and is loyal to Preakness, is now a possible favorite to win the second triple crown jewel.

The one-and-a-half-mile Belmont Stakes, with their great devastating turns, should help Rich Strike do its best, especially after a five-week break.

Or at least that’s what Dawson and Reed are betting on.

They made sense when they set out to get Rich Strike into the derby, as well as bettors who believed in the foal. Rich Strike paid $ 163.60 to win the $ 2 bet. Donerail alone had a higher payout in 1913 – $ 184.90.

However, it is always frustrating for horse racing fans when Triple Crown’s bid is not on the table. And Rich Strike had a particularly compelling story that moved even those who were not into sports.

He was bought in a race for $ 30,000. The foal is the only horse that Dawson trains. Rich Strike cyclist Sonny Leon, 32, from Venezuela, also has a working class background. Last year he was the 11th rider in the country, but those victories were mainly on the Ohio offshore track. He had never won a rated stakes race before Derby, Dawson, Reed and Leon all made their Derby debuts.

In 2019, Country House became the first winner of the Kentucky Derby to miss the second round of the Triple Crown since Grindstone in 1996. Country House finished second in Derby, but rose to first place after race officials disqualified Maximum Security, which was the first to cross the border. , for the intervention of several horses.

Bill Mott, who coached Country House, said the foal developed a cough. The derby turned out to be the last race of the foal. He now stands as a shepherd in Kentucky.

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