The United States is “vulnerable” to COVID without further fire, the White House said

May 13, 2022 – The United States will become more vulnerable to coronavirus this fall and winter if Congress does not approve new funding for more vaccine treatments, said Ashish Jaha, White House COVID-19 response coordinator, on Thursday.

In the interview Jahan told the Associated Press that stimulant doses will be needed by most people as the immune system weakens and the virus adapts to becoming more contagious. In addition, a new generation of personnel may be needed to better protect against new versions.

“As we approach autumn, we will all be much more vulnerable to the virus, which has more immune escapes than it does today, of course, than six months ago,” he said. “It makes most of us vulnerable.”

Also Thursday, President Joe Biden ordered flags to be flown until May 16 to mark the 1 million COVID-19 deaths during the epidemic in the United States. To ABC News.

Last week the White House published the estimate Up to 100 million Americans can be infected with the coronavirus in the fall or winter, which can lead to higher hospitalizations and increased mortality.

Jhan noted that the next generation of vaccines, which will likely focus on the Omicron version, “will provide a much, much higher degree of protection against the virus that we will encounter in the fall and winter.” At the same time, if Congress does not pass legislation to support new funding in the coming weeks, the United States could lose priority in supplying vaccines to other countries, he told the AP.

The Martin Biden administration has asked for $ 22.5 billion in coronavirus aid, which has stalled in Congress for a number of reasons, including a Republican call for $ 5 billion in global aid cuts. Jhan told the Associated Press that he had spoken to lawmakers in recent weeks, saying the current $ 10 billion offer was “the minimum we have to overcome this fall and winter without much loss of life.”

In addition, Jean called on the United States to provide vaccine assistance to other countries to slow the spread of additional mutations.

“All of these variants were first discovered outside the United States,” he said. “If the goal is to protect the American people, we must make sure the world is vaccinated. I mean, there’s just not just a household approach here. “

The FDA is scheduled to meet in June to decide which strains of the coronavirus will be targeted in the fall vaccine, the AP reported. Jha said it takes producers two to three months to process the staff, so the decision must be made in the summer to prepare for the fall. At this point, he added, the United States has exhausted federal COVID-19 response tools to order new batches of vaccines.

“If we had the resources, we would be there today,” said Jean. “The window really closes in front of us if we want to be in front of the line.”

Jha took over as White House COVID-19 response coordinator a month ago, the AP reported. He said there was now “no viable alternative” to the US government directing the purchase of COVID-19 vaccines and treatments, rather than allowing the commercial market to regulate it.

“One of the things we’ve talked about with Congress is that these tools are great, but only if you have them, only if you can use them,” said Jean. “And without the support of Congress, it can be very difficult to continue to protect the American people.”

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