These copies of Indiana Jones belong to the museum, but you can have them

Inspired by Indiana Jones "artifacts": Idol, skull, writing, stone

The four great achievements of Indy are available to you this week.
Photo:: Sabina Graves / io9:

one of the best parts of Indiana Jones films is that Indy is always pursuing something tangible. In particular, F.fertility idollar that Sankara S.tones that: Holy Grailև a: c:Ristal severyone. This is great for the fans because it means you can act like Indy և to have one or all from these items in your collection. However, unlike Indy, you do not have to go into a deep dark cave or fight the forces of evil. You can just go to a Disney theme park or go online.

Recently, Disney announced that it will release a very, very subtle new Indiana Jones product. There are four points mentioned above. t:he ffertility ifrom dol The lost ark ridersSankara stone Indiana Jones տ Temple of DestructionFrom the Holy Grail Indiana Jones և The Last Crusadeև akRistal sthe regiment … wait, which one? three և only three Indy movies is it from? Here are some closer pictures.

Sankara stone from the temple of Doom:

From Sankara Stone Temple of Doom
Image:: Disney Parks:

Fertility idol from the Lost Ark riders

Fertility i:from dol The lost ark riders
Image:: Disney Parks:

Crystal skull և Holy Grail

Crystal skull և Holy Grail
Image:: Disney Parks:

“To make sure these elements are as valid as possible, we reviewed Lucasfilm archive footage – size, link details, 3D scanning images, and more to make them collectibles, ”said Cody Hampton, S.C.senior mtin Brand Merchandising, said: Disney Parks Blog:. “We’re also trying to predict the features that fans expected from these duplicates, so we added a light function to the Sankara Stone as well as c.Ristal sa ball. ” All of these will be available Friday, June 24, at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. և Continued

Besides, this is just the beginning of Indythematic collections. Later this year, Disney will offer a Staff of Ra hat, as well as the Indiana Jones voodoo doll used Temple of Doom. So cool. Here are some photos.

Ra's hat staff:

Ra headpiece staff
Image:: Disney Parks:

Indy voodoo doll.:

for indiedoo doll.
Image:: Disney Parks:

Copies like this have been around for years, but this should be the easiest way to get them. The only problem is, where do you stand?

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