Thiago Silva hits Chelsea as Reese James widens the gap with the Liverpool pair

Reese James is very good

Jose Mourinho once said that with 11 Cesar Aspilicuetas, he could win the Champions League. Back: Reese James, that may actually be true. The full-back once again showed his quality, often appearing in midfield as a winger when replaced by Aspilicueta. Christian Pulisic At Stamford Bridge.

James seems to have great quality anywhere on the pitch, but he really is one of the best in the world as a full-back. Describing his help Mark Alonso because the cross does not justify the accuracy that the 22-year-old defender provided to his teammate.

The 2021/22 season saw James make more goal contributions than he had combined in his previous two terms, while according to Opta, his eight assists in the Premier League were the best. Chelsea: One run by a player under 22 after Eden Hazard. A little in-depth fact, but still impressive.

Even compared to his highly rated rivals, James performs at a very high level. The former Wigan striker’s 13-goal lead in the Premier League leaves him with 14-year-old Trent Alexander-Arnold և 12 Է Andy Robertson և. Given the considerable amount of time James spent on the sidelines, this is even more impressive.

James scores one goal every 137 minutes in the Premier League, compared to Robertson’s 204 minutes and Alexander-Arnold’s 175 minutes. Impressive items.

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Marcos Alonso is not Ben Chilwell

While James once again proved that he is the complete package, Marcos Alonso reminded how contradictory his speeches can be. The Spaniard made an exceptional shot from his teammate’s pass, but his shot was not without result The baggage of his role at the gate of “Leicester” արձագ The response far from the joy of Thomas Tuchel.

His inaction when Timothy Castan ran to Casper Schmeichel’s long pass until Antonio Rudiger’s failed foul on James Madison could only have been a disappointment. Whether it was the lack of focus in the early stages of the match, which is unlikely to matter in the big scheme, or the sign of Alonso’s defensive weakness, it was below the standard Chelsea would need if they hoped to make progress this season. .

Absence may love the heart, but it is hard not to accept that Ben Chillwell is closer to the qualities revealed by James. Former Leicester star returned to first team training will return to pre-season training soon this week. Chilwell has started just four games with James in the 2021/22 season, and it is hard to imagine that this will not be the area that will help Chelsea attack the league next season.

However, Alonso’s attacking prowess was invaluable. The 31-year-old has scored four goals, five assists and often a more clinical advantage in the Premier League than the Blues’ forwards.

Tuchel said after the Leicester clash“This is the story of the season, we need a goal transfer from a full-back, a goal from a full-back. You can see the numbers and figures of our attacking players. [from the offensive players] which are before us!

Edge defenders are very important in Tukheli’s system, improvement in that area will improve the team, but it will not necessarily be able to cover or compensate for the shortcomings, as Christian Pulisic was in the second half.

Thomas Tuchel և Thiago Silva

At the age of 37, after playing 120 minutes in the FA Cup final, Thiago Silva was once again in Thomas Tuchel’s starting lineup. The Brazilian continues to ignore faith, having started his 50th start in the Premier League, only Calvin Dice and Kin Moran have reached the same level as Silva’s captain.

Not surprisingly, Tuchel hugged the defender at the end of the 90th minute, ինչպես, as it seems, Silva shared the heat when the former PSG star buried his head on the coach’s chest. The defender has earned more than the hearts of Chelsea, but has become more and more powerful throughout the season.

On the horizon with the blues summer turnover և reconstructionSilva’s value will continue to rise only off the pitch, and in the game against Leicester, his value on the pitch is still clear. While “Chelsea” was celebrating Alonso’s goal, the ‘players then’ returned to their positions, Silva was on the edge, in deep debate with Tuchel on the best way forward, to convey his disappointments. The veteran did not wear the captain’s armband, but, nevertheless, he gives the feeling of being a German coach general.

We hope that the “blues” can find the quality to make a better transition for the former “Milan” star next season, but so far he has shown that he is more than ready for the task of ordinary football, it is strict.

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