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“In times of economic downturn, you can often gain significant market share by simply surviving,” Y Combinator, the leading startup accelerator, wrote in an internal letter to its founders this week. The council was one of the 10 points of the memorandum, which was designed to help its companies orient themselves in the economic sphere The decline of crushing tech. Other notable quotes include “Plan for the Worst” և “No one can predict how bad the economy will be, but things do not look good.”

Email is a vibe shift just a few weeks ago, when hundreds of Y Combinator startups, many of which have already raised venture financing, went public at Demo Day. The startups were the first to receive Y Combinator’s new $ 500,000 standard deal; they were aggressively focused on international opportunities. Now, after that charity, the YM says that “this slowdown will have a disproportionate impact on international companies,” among others.

Y Combinator is not the only one publishing a “swan” memorandum in preparation for the upcoming events. TechCrunch has acquired a number of memoranda sent to venture capital firms by portfolio companies about a market downturn. Some were reassuring, some were clear, and others were just as simple as the vibe check.

High efficiency> high growth

Reach Capital, a venture company focused on access to education, has sent market insights to founders to help them allocate resources and priorities.

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