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Especially during the epidemic, it became overwhelming for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) to answer all their customer service inquiries. A Freshworks: survey: found that companies had a 71% increase in total contact between February 2020 and January 2021, and expect it to increase in the future. At the same time, customers, whether compassionate, have become more demanding. The same survey shows that 68% of customer service managers have noticed an increase in customer expectations.

What should the company do? Automation is one of the routes to a more manageable customer experience workload. Sign in to Tidio, a platform designed to become a one-stop shop for companies that correspond with customers through various channels (e.g. email և SMS). Using a combination of analytics data from live chat applications such as AI-enabled chatbots, Tidio seeks to expand customer service operations even in small companies without the benefit of dedicated staff.

Customer service automation platforms such as Tidio are not very advanced. There are a few to mention Ultimate.ai:data absorber, bot creation platform և Careful, which offers businesses the service of creating AI-based communication streams. Ada also falls into the category. it contains chat bots that run on a natural language processing engine.

What sets Tidio apart, says co-founder and CEO Titus Golas, is its simplicity in terms of implementation and structure. Tidio integrates with third-party services, including email providers, Facebook, Instagram, WordPress և Shopify, allowing teams to manage customer interactions from the shared inbox. Plans range from free for both users up to $ 332.50 per month (charged per year) for unlimited users և other add-ons.

Create a conversation flow through the Tidio visual panel.

“Most of our customers get it Tidio: launches in a few minutes և see the cost of our product on the same day. Our influence is twofold. “You can simplify communication և increase your sales with our chatbot functionality,” Golas said in an email to TechCrunch. «[O]ur chatbots և sales creation features directly affect return on investment և help increase sales և revenue, sometimes covering the full cost of a Tidio subscription in one day.

Tidio is the brainchild of Golas և Marcin Victor, who founded the company in 2013. Starting as a digital advertising agency for SMEs, it has grown into an online marketing tool development house, one of which was Tidio. After the instrument gained traction, Golas and Victor decided to turn it around and make it their focus.

Investors approved of the move. Tidio announced today that it has raised $ 25 million during the Serie B phase, led by PeakSpan Capital with Inovo Venture Partners և InPost CEO Rafal Brzoska, raising Tidio to $ 26.8 million.

Tidio provides a list of visitors to the company’s website that owners can use to interact with them in a variety of ways, either in real time (via chat) or automatically (via chatbot). For example, the platform can be programmed to send a “Welcome” message to a returning customer with a unique discount code. Tidio also records information such as the source of web traffic, the amount of time customers spend on certain web pages, and the most frequently viewed products.

“We use our special data set, modern models, to improve our languages’ ability to understand languages,” said Golas. «[One of these models] automatically detects the topic of each question during each new conversation. The platform then groups the topics by popularity, and the system advises the user to configure them. [chatbot] Automate answers to most common customer questions such as order status, shipping status և return.

This type of automation, assuming it works the way it advertises, can save business time on repetitive tasks, Golas argues, allowing them to focus on building relationships with customers. Of course, not all customers prefer to chat with chatbotsև Privacy transfer browsers may corrupt the client data that Tidio collects for personalization. But the startup’s sales level seems to have benefited more than 23,000 businesses currently paying for Tidio, which have used the platform to automate more than 86,000 conversations in the last month alone.

Golas says Tidio is positive about cash flow, having seen revenue grow 7.7 times over the past three years, further boosting demand. The company claims that its platform is used by more than 510 million unique users 3 3% of Shopify sellers.

“Customer experience is often related to how businesses interact with customers, they can see great results by showing that they care and understand their customers’ problems,” said Golas. “It simply came to our notice then Video: Give shop owners space and time to talk about that meaningful conversation. ”

Tidio plans to invest new capital in expanding its և 140-person marketing workforce. The company intends to hire 100 people next year.

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