Top 15 Midnight Snacks When You Just Can’t Sleep

If you can not sleep, you can eat a snack. Whether you’re drinking something sweet just before bed or your endless to-do list keeps you from counting the sheep, these 15 sweet and savory snacks will give you something delicious to dream about. There are protein-rich options, such as a blend of traces, a quick humus և lentil և crumbly mixture of pepita. In addition, three-ingredient peanut butter cookies made with peanut butter, fruit jam and eggs are considered to be a wholly protein-rich snack.

If you want something salty և delicious, choose butter-baked popcorn, Japanese-inspired Chex Mix snack or spicy grilled cheese sandwich (for the nights when you really hungry). Here you are, friends owls, your secret is safe with us.

1. Perfect popcorn

Heat it in a microwave bag, put it in your sturdy Dutch oven or cook it in a fresh fan. No matter which route you take, popcorn is one of the best snacks of the late night. It satisfies the cravings of salt or sweets, depending on what you mix it with, it will keep you full until breakfast.

2. Hot honey-sesame snack mixture

If you are a late night nutritionist who both want sweets և: salt (no judgment here), this snack mix will definitely satisfy you. It has a bit of everything: spicy-sweet hot honey, salty pretzels, crunchy peanuts և fragments of sweet coconut.

3. Furikake Chex Mix snack

Furikake is a Japanese spice rich in umami, which is traditionally sprinkled on steamed rice. But we love the flavor it adds to this otherwise classic blend of Chex cereal, lightly salted peanuts, goldfish, pretzels and buggies.

4. Avocado toast

Avocado toast just should not be reserved for breakfast. It’s a satisfying snack when those cravings hit after dinner.

5. Edamme fried snack with parmesan

When you want a quick snack for an appetizing dinner that you can hit in your mouth before going to bed, this salty snack will arrive on the spot. Ideally, we recommend trying these kids while they are warm, but make sure they are just as good at room temperature.

6. Jalapeño Popper grilled cheese

If two classic snacks, jalapeño poppers և barbecue cheese sandwich, had a baby, it would be this midnight snack. Make it midnight munchie: Filling it with either grilled potato chips or crispy bacon slices.

7. Frozen bananas dipped in Mexican chocolate ganache և peanut with spicy honey

The fun part of having a midnight snack is that you never know for sure what your cravings will be or when. When you want to make something sweet, take one of these chocolate-soaked bananas from the fridge and bite it.

8. 3-ingredient peanut butter cookies

Can’t sleep ունենալ desire something sweet? You can cook in just 10 minutes these three components peanut butter և jelly inspired cookies.

9. Cornflake clusters

Cornflakes of these four ingredients are a traditional snack to enjoy during the Lunar New Year, but frankly, we think they are the perfect food, for example, from 10pm to 4pm.

10. Crispy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

The best midnight snack is a chocolate cookie – plain և plain. But we like that this more chewy, dense version satisfies the fans of oatmeal biscuit cookies thanks to the rolled oats.

11. Chocolate fudge

I’m craving ‘something a little sweet’ 24/7/365, և this recipe is a lesson in the ability to always keep homemade chocolate. “Unlike old-fashioned chocolate fudge recipes, this one does not involve a candy thermometer, beating with a wooden spoon or leaving on a marble slab. Meaning. You can cook it in about 20 minutes in almost any kitchen in about 20 minutes, ”explains Ella Quitner, a recipe developer. Win-win.

12. Oregon Trail Mix:

The key to a good midnight snack, yes, is one that will lose the salty-sweet cravings, but one that will satisfy you until dawn. This mixture includes a combination of hazelnuts, walnuts, peppermint, dried cherries and pieces of dark chocolate.

13. Delicious crunchy lentils

“Because I want to go for delicious snacks, I keep this mixture (instead of granola, for example) so that I have something crunchy, nutritious and filling when the mood rises. writes Jodi Moreno, a recipe developer. And if that mood strikes at 1 o’clock at night, then so be it.

14. 5-minute hummus from Zahav restaurant

Keep humus on hand for a quick soaking in protein, which you can eat with crudes or chips.

15. Grilled cheese eggs in the hole

Breakfast coincides with lunch in this delicious sandwich. The trick to getting a golden brown, crispy crust is to coat each side of the soft white bread with mayonnaise before frying.

What’s your favorite snack of all time? Tell us in the comments below.

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