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Hallmark's Ittybitty Grand Admiral Thrawn, Hot Toys' Multiverse of Madness Stephen Strange և Kuwahara's ET BMX Bike:

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Welcome back to Toy Aisle, the regular io9 review of the latest toy news on the web. This week Hot Toys has come to bargain for the almost mandatory “New Marvel movie Acting figure ” Star Wars Celebration the exceptions are warmed by the most beautiful egg և Lego‘s latest architectural collection takes us to aAncient Egypt. Check it out.

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Hot toys Dr. Strange in the world of madness Doctor Strange sixth scale painting

Almost as inevitable as Steven Strange comes to Dormammu to bargain, here is Marvel’s new release, which means Hot Toys. That’s exactly what happens to have a gorgeous action figure that is ready to be ridiculed. Of course, back A diverse world of madness What we’re joking about in theaters is the latest version of Doctor Strange. Dressed in his new outfit from the movie, Steven comes with a hinged cloak to be photographed in a dynamic, flying position. Several sets of hands, including, of course, a special spelling.casting positions; և A variety of accessories.

There’s two different sets of portal-opening sling rings, four sets of magical spell effects—a set of wrist-mounted rings, two larger circular disks, a whiplike rope of magic energy, and most dazzlingly, some large, fiery draconic vipers to wrap around his arms—and even a pair of Illuminati handcuffs and the Book of Vishanti from the film. If that wasn’t enough, there’s also a spoilery alternate head based on the very climax of the movie that fans will… certainly want to keep their eye on. Multiverse of Madness Doctor Strange is set to release some time in late 2023. [ Hot Toys]

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Lego Architecture The Great Pyramid of Giza

Weighing 1476 pieces, The Great Pyramid of Giza becomes one of the largest collections of Lego Architecture to date, which makes sense given the huge footprint of the pyramids. The 8-inch-high model actually represents only half a pyramid with a movable outer shell, which reveals not only the structure of the tunnel – the inner tombs, but also how the structure was actually built. The diorama includes a section of the Nile River with ancient boats, Sphinx statues, obelisks, and temples. $ 130.

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Hallmark Star Wars Celebration Exclusive Grand Admiral Thrawn itty bittys:

Star Wars The celebration of 2022 takes place at the end of the month, which means that we are starting to see revelations for all the collections that will be exclusively available at the event. It includes a new addition to Hallmark’s itty bittys line that somehow manages Make the Grand Admiral Thrawn look absolutely gorgeous, even with beaded red angry eyes. It produces only 2,100 pieces and will be sold at PopMinded’s # 2519 booth for $ 10 each.

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Kuvahara ET 40 BMX bike

This is one of the most iconic scenes in the history of cinema, so much so that Steven Spielberg used it as the logo of his production company, Amblin Entertainment, և now you can approach recreating it yourself as Kuwahara BMX bike Elliot sat down (flew) and is reborn in the film as new BMX ET 40:. It contains a frame made of 4130 cromol, which is the same material used to build many competing BMX bikes as other high-quality parts to help justify its $ 800 price tag when available this fall. It has some additional labels that are featured ET: branding, but comes without a milk carton or otherworldly beings.

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Mattel: Jurassic World Dominion: Dreadnoughtus Photo:

Mattel keeps doing everything Jurassic Park: և: Yura’s world numbers և we have absolutely no complaints when it comes to huge toy versions of fans’s favorite dinosaurs like Brachiosaurus, Apatosaurus և now Dreadnoughtus five feet long– presumably based on the appearance of a dinosaur in the near future Jurassic World Domion:. There is: No price or availability details available at this timebut based on the available images it will offer some extra articulation in its very long neck և will require one ton space on your desk.

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Lego Ideas The Adventures of USS Cardboard

The winner of last year’s Out of This World construction competition announced by Lego Lego Ideas platform has finally been revealed as adorable The Adventures of the USS Cardboard, with an imaginary young boy assembled from toys և cardboard boxes ready to blow up a rocket ship built in his home. The collection will not actually be available for sale, but those who: Spend over $ 160 on collections posted on Lego’s website or its stores will receive this collection as a free gift.

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Fisher-Price Little People Collector RuPaul Figures:

Fisher-Price’s Little People collectors’ figures now include everyone from the rock band Kiss to the cast of the NBC sitcom. Office:to: Golden girls. It is the newest addition to the collection symbolic RuPaul who helped play drag mainstream? RuPaul’s Drag Race, which operates for 14 seasons at the moment. This collection includes three versions of RuPaul in real life outfits that the performer has worn before, including purple-pink dresses, as well as RuPaul in a weightless style suit with the colors of each dress. It is a collection Available from Amazon For $ 15.

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Mattel: ONE: Wild Twists playing cards

Mattel accepts the most enjoyable part of the game ONE:– Dirty tricks you can do to other players by introducing them to other classic card games such as Go Fish, pokerև c:in rummy:. ONE: Wild turns A standard 52-card deck that adds eight additional “wild cards” that can instantly improve any player’s position, including red և wild cards that can represent any special suit a player may need to win the game. : The deck will be available exclusively from Target for $ 3 this month.

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