Tua Tagovayloa, who crashes Tirik Hill, is the saddest Dolphin hip-hop video

By design, a hip video is supposed to create some hip. On Tuesday Dolphins managed to do the exact opposite by placing shots where Tua Tagovayloa throws a ball on Tirik Hill.

Ideally, you should look for a passage that spins beautifully through the air, touching the receiver, or escaping to touch. It could create images of the future potential, a vibrant, new-looking insult with a deep transient potential.

Instead, it was very, very sad.

Although he was not under pressure in the practice scenario, Tua’s pass jumped out of his hands at a slow speed. Then, Tayrik must return to catch the pass before confirming his run again. In the game scenario, such a slow, swaying duck would at best lead to a controversial pass, and at worst it would turn into a six, but this is what the Dolphins were trying to show.

Follow the answers on Twitter and you will see how all kinds of people make fun of this throw. With the exception of some fanatical Dolphin fans, bless the hearts of those who watch Patrick Mahomes’s videos of Hill throwing the way deep, and he should return to pretend that Tuan և Mahomes is such a bodyguard.

We can simply forget the fact that the videos shown by Mahomes show that he throws under pressure, runs away, throws 45 yards out of the field “during the chase, not in the field of practice. Besides, I’m sure they’re identical, aren’t they?

There is no lipstick on this pig, Tua x Tyreek video is just bad. The amazing thing is that it was never posted on Twitter to advertise to people.

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