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Twitter is testing a new “Like by Author” tag that pops up when your reply is liked by the tweeter. TechCrunch team reporter notices new tag on Twitter Android app. A Twitter spokesperson confirmed to TechCrunch that the company had tested different tags to help people get the context of the tweets they saw, but said the social media giant had no more to share on that particular tag.

What we can find out so far is that when a tweeter likes a reply, it is marked with a badge that is visible to both the person who left the reply and the viewer. Whether or not the label is being tested globally, we see that users in several countries have noticed the label.

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It should be noted that the new tag is similar to TikTok’s “Like by Creator” badge, which also appears when a video creator likes a comment.

The new Twitter tag may be annoying for some users who see it as a distraction or an unnecessary add-on that may already be a full-fledged tweet. It may also seem a little superfluous when it is displayed next to an answer that has only one like. On the other hand, some users may find this a welcome addition, especially if they want to show that their tweet was liked by a prominent user, such as a celebrity. In addition, the new tag can also be useful in cases where the tweet has received multiple responses, the original poster wants to highlight some of them without replying directly to them.

Given that the label is still being tested, it is not known whether Twitter intends to officially distribute it to all users.

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