Two killed, three seriously injured in Texas shootout

Two were killed and at least three were injured when gunfire erupted in the Houston area of ​​Houston on Sunday afternoon, police said.

The five were part of a dispute in the market that erupted when at least two people involved in the fight pulled out their weapons and the sound of gunfire was heard around 1:07 p.m., said Harris County Sheriff’s Office Major Susan Cotter.

He told an impromptu press conference that two or more of the men in the quarrel had “shot each other.”

Cotter said no bystanders were injured, but two men believed to be involved in the altercation were killed at the scene, and three were taken to separate hospitals with serious injuries.

At least one of the two suspects in the violence is among those hospitalized, he said, while the other was detained at the scene.

Police said the shootout took place at a 35-acre Sunny Flea Market in Harris County, north of Houston.

The market did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

“The five got into a fight that ended with them firing guns,” Cotter said.

Cotter later said that six or seven people could be involved in the dispute.

The major said the bullets were flying because “a lot of people” were shopping, “just trying to enjoy the flea market.”

Sheriff Ed Gonzalez he said There were probably thousands of people in the market’s neighborhood on Sunday.

The same street as Sunny Flea Market is home to other flea markets, about five miles south of Houston Farmers Market.

Police said the violence was not accidental.

“It looks like the five of them knew each other,” Cotter said. “It seems that innocent passers-by were not injured.”

Police have some videos of the attack, but they are still looking for footage of the entire dispute, he said.

Until now, it has been difficult to find witnesses. The major said. “Almost everyone dispersed,” he said.

He described the scene shortly after the guns froze as “very liquid, very chaotic”.

Christian Santana contributed.

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