US և South Korea Open to Extended Exercises to Suppress North Korea as Biden Visits Seoul | CBC News:

US President Joe Biden նախագահ South Korean President Yoon Suk Yol said after the meeting on Saturday that they would discuss expanded military exercises to curb the nuclear threat from North Korea at a time when there is little hope for real diplomacy.

Yun confirmed at a press conference that their common goal is the complete denuclearization of North Korea. The United States and South Korea have issued a joint statement saying they are committed to a “rule-based international order” following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The statement is likely to set the stage for how the United States and its allies will respond to any North Korean challenges.

The announcement could provoke outrage from North Korea, which has defended its nuclear weapons and missile development from US threats. .

However, Biden also reiterated his offer of vaccines to North Korea as a vaccine. The coronavirus is spreading at a dangerous rate through that country. He also said he was ready to meet with Kim Jong Un if the North Korean leader was “sincere” and “serious”.

“Yes, we have offered vaccines not only to North Korea but also to China,” Biden said. “We are ready to do it immediately. We have not received any response. “

Biden spoke with Yoon during their meeting at the Seoul Presidential Office on Saturday. (Jung Yeon-Je / Getty Images)

The division of the Korean Peninsula after World War II led to two radically different countries. In South Korea, Biden is touring democracies in computer chip factories, negotiating next-generation automakers. But there is a deadly coronavirus outbreak in the North, mostly in unvaccinated autonomy, which can best capture the world’s attention by bending its nuclear capabilities.

White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan told reporters on the Air Force One as Biden flew to South Korea that the United States had coordinated with Seoul and Tokyo on how they would react if the North carried out a nuclear test or a missile strike. Biden. is in the region or soon. Speaking to his Chinese counterpart Yang Jiechi earlier in the week, Sullivan urged Beijing to use its influence to persuade the North to stop testing.

He also stressed the economic security and trade

During a five-day visit to Asia, Biden on Saturday developed a relationship with Yoon, who took office less than a week ago.

Prior to the meeting, there were concerns in Seoul that Washington was reverting to the Obama administration’s policy of “strategic patience” by ignoring North Korea until it took denuclearization seriously, an approach that was criticized for ignoring North Korea. is taking steps to build its nuclear arsenal.

The US president opened the wreath on Saturday with a wreath at Seoul National Cemetery, wearing white gloves, a grim expression as he incense, and then signing the guest book. Biden then greeted Yoon for a two-hour public briefing at the House of Commons. It was planned that the couple would give a joint press conference and attend a leaders’ dinner at the National Museum of Korea.

Biden pays tribute to Seoul National Cemetery on Saturday. Biden is in South Korea to strengthen ties with the country’s new leader, Yoon. (Chung Sung-Jun / Associated Press)

In addition to North Korea, the two leaders stressed economic security and growing trade relations as two strong Korean industrial companies, Samsung and Hyundai, opened large factories in the United States.

Biden faces growing disagreement within the United States over the highest inflation rate in 40 years, but his administration sees one clear economic victory in competing with China for influence in the Pacific. According to Bloomberg Economics Analysis, the US economy will grow faster this year than China for the first time since 1976, predicting that White House spokeswoman Karin Jean-Pierre attributed Biden’s spending on coronavirus infrastructure. which led to faster job growth.

A national security event that has sparked wider debate between the two countries is Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a war that has led to an unprecedented series of sanctions by the United States and its allies.

South Korea has joined the United States in imposing export controls on Russia and blocking Russian banks from the SWIFT payment system. His participation was crucial in Russia’s access to computer chips and other technologies necessary for weapons and economic development.

North stepped up missile tests

Many White House officials at the beginning of the administration thought that Kim’s nuclear ambitions might be the administration’s most difficult challenge, and that the North Korean leader intended to test Biden’s capabilities early in his tenure.

During the first 14 months of Biden’s administration, Pyongyang delayed its missile tests, even though it ignored the administration’s efforts to reach out through channels, hoping to resume talks that could lead to the denuclearization of the North in exchange for lifting sanctions.

But the silence did not last. North Korea has tested 16 separate missiles this year, including in March, when the first intercontinental ballistic missile flight since 2017 showed potential range, including the entire continental United States.

Protesters shouted at Biden’s visit to a presidential office in Seoul on Saturday. It is written on the signs. “Stop joint US-South Korean military exercises.” (An Young-Jun / Associated Press)

The Biden administration is urging China to refrain from conducting any missile or nuclear tests on North Korea. Speaking on Air Force One, Sullivan said Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping could have a telephone conversation in the coming weeks.

Biden has sharply criticized Beijing for its human rights record, commercial practices, military aggression on the self-governing island of Taiwan, and more. And while Biden has made it clear that he sees China as a major competitor to the United States’s economic and national security, he says he can open the door to communication so that the two powers can work together on issues of mutual interest. North Korea is probably the highest on that list.

White House officials say Biden will not visit the demilitarized zone separating the Korean Peninsula during his visit, which became standard for presidents during Ronald Reagan’s visit to Seoul. Biden visited DMZ in 2013 as vice president. Sullivan said the president’s decision to close the bus stop this time was not for security reasons.

Instead, Biden will visit the Air Operations Center Combat Base at Osan Air Base, south of Seoul, on Sunday. The United States considers it one of the most important stations in Northeast Asia.

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