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I recently bought a white sofa. I also recently bought a puppy. If you, like me, think of OMGWATAVEIDON, there is some comfort. And it comes with a horse Bissell Little Green removable spots երը stain remover. The big name of such a small steam cleaner is, yes, but transforming the famous poster that says: whether he is small, he is still fierce.

I discovered this magical wonder of the car on TikTok, because where? I’m sure you remember that before the epidemic, all kinds of products became viral վում consumed. White sports trousers painted with a tie? There is nowhere for months. CeraVe moisturizer? Can not have. The same goes for Little Green.

But I was addicted. I found that I was eating video after: video soaking up dirt on people’s sofas and rugs, staining them with indescribable satisfaction, as I watched their brown, muddy water coming down from the pool, draining.

Naturally, I dug. I searched the product page reviews and found that they are, in a word, obvious. “If they had 10 stars, I would give them all… This was the best purchase of the year for me. “It turned my sofa from disgusting to almost new,” said one. “This car took out all the dirt, և to think I just found out about it on TikTok !!! “Buying the best quarantine,” one of them erupted.

Eventually I got my hands on a car և’s as amazing in real life as on the internet.

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So does Bissell Little Green work?

It turned out և quite well.

I decided to try it on three different surfaces in my apartment: two different sets of sofa cushions, a rug at the entrance (as it gets the most traffic). None of these were obviously dirty, so any evidence of effectiveness was based solely on the results of the dirty water tank.

The car itself is very easy to set up, և I could easily understand how to use it without a set of instructions (but I read them anyway). You just add hot water և included cleaning solution to the clean tank, turn it over. enable և continue.

I found that the most effective method is to first thoroughly wet the entire surface with the spray function, then re-enter և all the dirt և soak in water. The instructions also recommend pre-treating heavily soiled surfaces, leaving the solution for about 10 minutes before removing.

at the end of my crusade against the dirt of the pillow: carpetI watched in horror as turbid, tangled water poured from the tank into the sink. If I did not see a visible difference on the surface, the water used to tell a different story.

There are a few things to pay attention to. Dirty water can come out of the tank when you take it out, so be sure to put the whole car on the sink. The reservoir of the cleaning solution is also quite small, so it will require refilling, especially during heavy work, such as a large section. I also do not recommend cleaning a large area until you have the patience for a few directions to the sink. It is better to rent equipment that will cover larger areas.

That said, it’s light, small enough to keep in a cupboard already full a lot effective. I absolutely can not wait to use it on more surfaces, I’m sure our puppy will get rid of all the possible rugs and pillows, so we’ll still have a lot of experiments to do.

This entry was posted in May 2022 for a more personal experience using this magical product.

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