Warner Music Group celebrates the success of its first HBCU immersion program

Warner Music Group is pleased with the launch of WMG HBCU Immersion. The company started the program in collaboration with Culture Creators.

The program was created as an advanced pipeline for historically unique college students and university students to make an impact on the music industry. Out of 150 applicants, 32 students were selected for the first round.

Photo by Warner Music Group

“As a proud HBCU student, I’m excited about WMG’s HBCU Immersion Program,” said Dr. Maurice Steenett, WMG’s Global Manager for Diversity, Equality and Inclusion.

“HBCUs are full of talent, brilliance and creativity. everything we need for the next generation of music industry leaders. I’m so proud to offer this training opportunity in collaboration with the Creators of Culture, which I know will further strengthen the leadership, skills and innovation of these wonderful students. ”

The six-week program is built around five modern learning modules from the Advanced Creators Curriculum: Data Science, Business Development, A&R, Marketing, Management, and Licensing. After participating in guest boards, weekly live virtual sessions, and other interactive learning activities, students were able to apply for paid employment through Warner Music Group’s Summer Emerging Talent Associate program.

In the Summer Developing Talent Association program, students gained hands-on experience with Warner Bros. subsidiaries while receiving housing subsidies to relocate to New York, Los Angeles, or Nashville. Subsidiaries include Atlantic Records, Rhino Records, Warner Records, Warner Music Nashville, Warner Chappell և WMX.

Howard University (Photo by Jessica Floyd / theGrio)

“It’s an honor to be able to support the growth of our industry programs that provide hands-on training and real-time opportunities,” said Kevin Weaver, President of Atlantic Records.

“Through the program, we’re personally getting to know these young adults, giving Warner Music Group the opportunity to enjoy the next generation of future leaders on the ground floor. The potential opportunities from here are really endless for everyone. ”

Applications for the second phase of the WMG HBCU Immersion program will open in January 2023. program: is open to HBCU College juniors, seniors or graduate students.

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