Warriors Steve Kerr clears the COVID-19 protocol

Warriors Head coach Steve Kerr has cleared the COVID-19 protocols and will return to the field before the Golden State Conference finals. Kerr was left out after the 4th game The test is positive For COVID-19.

During his absence, head coach Mike Brown, who was on Monday announced as the next head coach of the team Sacramento Kings – Assumed the acting head coach. In Game 5, Brown was unbeaten as Warriors play-off head coach, but his streak was interrupted as Golden State lost to the team. Grizzlies. The Warriors won Game 6, winning 110-96 to advance.

Kerr announced about it Gary Peyton II will not play to open the conference finals, but has not been completely ruled out for the series. Peyton injured his elbow during the second game against the Grizzlies as a result of the Memphis game. Dillon Brooks dissolved և contact with Peyton’s head during a transitional alignment attempt, causing a severe fall.

“Playing for him would be a long shot, but I think it is possible,” Kerr said.

The Western Conference Finals kicks off on Wednesday when Golden State meets the winner of the 7th game of Dallas-Phoenix on Sunday night.

(Photo by Bart Young / NBAE via Getty Images)

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