Watch astronomers discover the “turning point” of the Milky Way galaxy.

Collaboration of scientists this morning Horizon Event Telescope Initiative is going to reveal a “turning point” in our Milky Way galaxy. The team gave few details about what they were announcing, but the mysterious news will be broadcast live at 9am ET.

You may remember the Event Horizon Telescope team from 2019 when the band revealed the first picture of the shadow of the cavity. At that time, the team showed the image of a supermassive cavity located in the center of a galaxy called Messier 87 or M87. It was a huge manual that included a week-long observation of the cavity in April 2017, using eight radio telescopes located in Chile, Hawaii, Antarctica, and elsewhere, combining that data with supercomputers.

It seems possible that the group may discover an image of this “impressive” cavity, but this time they will show it in our own galaxy. During an observation run in April 2017, the EHT team observed a supermassive cavity in the center of the Milky Way called Sagittarius A * or Sgr A *. However, the scientists admitted that they had more difficulty in assembling the image due to the size of the hole, the interference between the “Earth: object”. After five years, the team managed to overcome the problems of that recycling.

It is possible that the EHT team will discover something completely different. Little information was given in advance, except for some “breakthrough” from the results. We will all know soon.

What time does the EHT live broadcast start?

The live broadcast of EHT will start at 9 am ET.

Scheduled time. New York: 9AM / San Francisco: 6AM / London: 14:00 / Berlin: 15:00 / Moscow: 16:00 / New Delhi: 18:30 / Beijing. 21:00 / Tokyo: 22:00 / Melbourne: 23:00

Where can I view the announcement?

The announcement will be broadcast live website By the National Science Foundation, which helps fund research institutes used by the EHT. The announcement will be broadcast live YouTube: և: Facebook:.

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