Water Lily + Violet Cream

Water lily on the left, Aviation on the right. Both are made with The Bitter Truth creme de violette.

Although relatively new, I think it’s fair to call the water lily a classic cocktail. Almost everyone agrees that the drink was created in 2007 by Richie Bokato in Little Branch, one of Sasha Petraske’s New York bars.always Respect the cocktail maker with due respect). The water lily is beautiful both visually and with the simplicity of its equal parts. It also lets you cook something different with the Crème de Violette you bought Aviation with. Going back to the latter, I would like to add that I have always had a problem with the original version of the aviation, as it seemed that if I added a little violet, it would turn out to be an unattractive gray, but if I add enough. To give the sky a blue color, the name implies that the taste balance of this drink was dominated by violets at the expense of gin ար marashino և, therefore, they continued to make aviation the “wrong” way, as I was before the rediscovery. in any case from the original recipe. I realized that some Crème de Violettes are a more intense purple than others, and my Marie Brizard is at the paler end of the spectrum. Not the easiest liqueur on top of this Crème de Violette. Fortunately, I was able to pick one of the more intense color options that could just be the solution to the Aviation dilemma. “Bitter Truth” – the author of the German beats, has a growing selection of liqueurs in its repertoire, including the particularly intense Crème de Violette. Now considering the limited usage for և Relative scarcity from: The possibilities for comparing CdV are limited. Therefore, the opportunity to compare the couple should not be wasted. Simply put, Marie Brizard has a rather pale purple hue, but has a very dense purple hue, while The Bitter Truth version is intensely colored, with a more “blue” hue but a slightly milder hue. In addition, due to the strict German labeling rules, we know that The Bitter Truth has added a color scheme that may explain the difference in some way. I should add that in fact both of these drinks looked noticeably bluer than the ones in the picture, but in principle I do not confuse the color balance of my pictures. What more than enough about Aviation և Violets, let’s get.

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Despite sharing some of the (original) ingredients with Aviation, the water lily is completely different, being sweeter և shamelessly more purple. However, it is an easy drink to make, just as easy to drink. It expresses a certain elegance և elegant femininity, especially when combined with a vintage cup և tasteful decoration. For best color, be sure to use clear orange liqueur, such as Cointreau, or triple seconds, especially if you use a lighter purple cream.

Water lily.

0.75 oz / 22 ml Dry London gin.

0.75 oz / 22 ml Crème de Violette (see text).

0.75 oz / 22 ml of fresh lemon juice.

0.75 oz / 22 ml clear orange liqueur (see text).

Shake with * ice և double squeeze into a frozen cocktail glass.

Rub the edge, decorate with orange peel.

Toast to water lily creator Richie Bokato.

* Some recipes say to mix rather than shake, և I consider this a reasonable alternative given the relatively small amount of lemon juice. The choice is yours.

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