Posted on August 18, 2019

For as long as I can remember, I like to wear sneakers with clothes more than anything in the world. And as I write this article, I’m sitting with my laptop outside by the pool wearing my new Reebok Club C-85 Vintage sneakers in a long floral lingerie dress. paradise! In fact, that: Reebok Club C-85 Vintage sneakers They are the favorite of our house. Thomas: James was the first to have a couple, և now I finally have my own couple. Needless to say, Stella is also asking for a couple հիմա

Reebok Club C-85 Vintage sneakers

Now, I think as long as YOU can remember me, you know me as the girl who wears During a week of high fashion in Paris, a pair of sneakers in her dress. And you know it’s not just during this week, in my ideal world, this is my main look. I sometimes joke that one of my dreams is to leave the kids in school in a little couture dress with me. Reebok Club C-85 Vintage sneakersHowever, I have so many dreams for which to work hard, it is obvious that I am now taking the couture out of the equation, buying any fancy dress that comes to me that allows me to run from the city center to the center.

And the “running” part, of course, remains part of the equation, as there are never enough hours during the day, և I’m always in a hurry եմ I literally finish my food bubbles with any shoes other than my favorite pair. Reeboks:. What I love most about this couple is that they seem to be literally back in the past. When Thomas saw them, what he had was less of a “vintage”, he seemed to be “saved from the ’80s, sold now.” Obviously not because Reebok The use of materials has progressed over time, but the design is VERY GOOD. So this is really a compliment to their incredible “new” vintage look. Needless to say, they have an easy color combination that goes well with everything. I combined it with a green dress that looks like the green of a sneaker. Perfect coincidence!

Now I hear you thinking. “And if I’m not the person to wear sneakers and dresses, how should I wear this vintage? Reebok Club C-85 Vintage Strikes? »: Well, that’s pretty simple, because you can basically combine them with anything but what I would otherwise wear is a pair of ripped jeans, a pair of plain shirts, or a pair of denim shorts և a men’s shirt. Maybe add a Havana straw hat or a pair of sunglasses or white sunglasses. They prepare you for city life, running from meeting to meeting, or picking up children. Everything is perfect Retro style!

Reebok Club C-85 Vintage sneakers

Reebok Club C-85 Vintage sneakers

Thank you for the great sneakers reebok:I loved working with them, and I look forward to wearing them in this month of fashion.

Photos: Young Jung Kim

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