What can the Real Housewives teach the January 6 committee before the June hearing?

“The Real Housewives of Atlanta”, Season 14 (pictured left to right). (Stephanie Ellie / Bravo)

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Advice to the Electoral Commission of the House of Representatives, which is investigating the January 6, 2021 uprising, when it is being prepared. The public hearing will begin on June 9Bring the drama, along with screenshots և secret recordings, with a few star stars. Real housewives Privileges. If the committee can direct people like Kenya Moore, Garcel Bove, Monique Samuels, Sherry Whitfield, when the members of the committee will present their case against the organizers and instigators of the violent uprising, they can make some progress with the society. the public, which apparently paying less and less attention to the investigation.

Why is that, you ask? Well, if nothing else, these housewives know how to read well with receipts, չ let’s not forget that some of the greatest cultural moments of recent memory are due to: Real housewives Privileges. That said, this could be a viable model for the commission elected on January 6, as it does everything it can to make a fuss and put pressure on the Ministry of Justice.

The Electoral Commission of the House of Representatives has already promised that There will be more bombs in the next few weeksև If previously leaked text messages and recordings signal something, those leaks will be significant. At the moment, it is just a question of how to make the leaks of the hearings ները details remain in the minds of the public և voters. See the “Housewife Handbook”.

Kenya, Garsel, Monique և Sheren all know how to leave a good or bad mark that penetrates our collective psyche. That is, who can forget? Kenya Moore Haircare two-piece strike line, Garcel works overtime, asking uncomfortable questions to Erica Jane we all want answers, Monik color coded connector full of screenshots or Sherry asks her party planner. “Who’s going to check on me, owl?” These iconic moments can serve as a roadmap for the elected commission’s hearings և to ensure that they provide strong public messages, for the testimony of strategically represented witnesses և to never back down from Republican obstacles.

UNICEF celebrates its 75th anniversary in Los Angeles.  Arrivals:
Garcel Beauvais attends UNICEF 75th Anniversary Celebration at NeueHouse Los Angeles on November 30, 2021 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Emma McIntyre / Getty Images)

Thinking about Kenya Moore’s drum line, remember that he was able to bring down the whole of Marlowe’s event with a simple rhythm, a clear motto, and a few entertainments for the guests. This is how the elected committee should treat the next drop of new details. This is an opportunity for them to write a simple message. Regardless of the scope Trump and Republicans in Congress attempted a coup or: Trump and White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows were the clientsThe message must be strong enough to prevent any Republican counter-message, it must be easy enough for voters to repeat themselves after the hearing. The selected commission should sell all the facts and evidence of this investigation with a steady stream of information; the scope of the message is important.

It is possible that the elected committee will not waste time addressing the substance of the case, just as Garcel did Erica Jane’s legal issues during her relentless interrogation. In the 11th season from: The real housewives of Burley Hills և in The premiere of last week’s 12th season. Garcelle has consistently provided viewers with answers to all of our questions: ունենք We need the same energy from a committee selected. They should immediately grasp our attention to the answers to the questions we all want to know. For example, how is everything related to Trump? Who knew what և did and when? Do not make people wait for these juicy details. Put everything in advance և Be as ruthless as Garsel repeats those answers for everyone to hear.

And the chosen committee should be organized on all the details, like Monique Samuels with his receipts, screenshots and hot tea color code. When it came to airing his work, Monique’s strategically placed evidence set a new standard, լավ it bowed well to each of his readings. It would also be beneficial for the selected commission to use all the evidence gathered from it about 1000 interviews to expose Trump, to plan his actions, to carry out this coup attempt, to thwart his intentions to overthrow the election. If the committee does it as effectively as Monique, they can hand over the reins to the Ministry of Justice. along with their criminal instructions: There is no way that Attorney General Merrick Garland can ignore their revelations.

Last but not least, the elected committee can not back down, especially when it comes to the five trials they gave to incumbent members of Congress who were in direct contact with Trump առաջ before, during and after հուն the January 6 uprising. This is where Sherry comes in. When the dissatisfied party planner pushed him, Sherry made it clear that he was ready to aggravate the situation, if he needed to, by shouting hotly into the argument. “Who’s going to check on me?” The elected commission should direct its tone and approach, especially because. ” The investigation will continue during the hearings. Refusing to make these calls only signals to Republicans that their rejection of the demand is acceptable, when in fact their compliance is inseparable from the responsibility we all deserve to witness. The chairman of the committee, MP Benny Thompson, made it clear that the committee will use all the tools and resources available to them, so maybe just the elected committee can do it.

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