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For many athletes, collisions and scratches are a common part of their sport. And most of the time, over-the-counter painkillers, ice packs, and rest are enough to get you back in shape. But when the injury is more serious, physical therapy may be needed to heal. And this applies to athletes of all ages և level of competition.

“It ranges from young athletes to weekend fighters – all of them,” says Physiotherapist (PT). Scott Goreham. “If your main priority is to be active in a particular sport or activity, then sports physical therapy is definitely for you.”

In our talk on the Health For Podcast, Scott explains what exactly makes physical therapy so important to an athlete. We cover.

  • Injuries can help with physical therapy
  • How does PT assess injury?
  • How does physical therapy help to develop certain aspects of athletic ability?
  • General methods of treatment
  • The role of physical therapy in injury prevention
  • What should an injured athlete do before returning to his sport?

Return to the game

Sports physiotherapy is more than just recovering from an acute injury. It is designed to help you continue to participate in your sport as fully as possible while minimizing the risk of further injury. If an injury interferes with your athletic ability, talk to a professional who can provide special care for your exact needs.

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